National Executive Committee approval, allocated Tk 528 core Raozan-Rangamati road is being upgraded to four-lane


staff reporter:
The Raozan part of the Rangamati highway is truly going to be upgraded to a four lain. On Tuesday, the National Executive Committee meeting approved the allocation of Tk 528 core for the work. In the meeting presided over by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the Prime Minister approved the allocated money itself. According to the sources, Rausjan municipality’s ward number 9 from Hathazari section of the road will be upgraded to up to 15 kilometers up to Dhalar Mukut from the last border. RAJAN MP, Parliamentary Standing Committee on Railways Ministry ABM Fazle Karim Chowdhury’s efforts will be going to widen the much-awaited Raozan-Rangamati road. As a result, the roads, especially the people of Raozan, have long dreamed of fulfillment.
In this regard, Executive Engineer of Roads and Highways Department Zulfikar Ahmed said, “The work of the project of Tk 528 core will be started on the Chittagong-Hathazari road till the completion of the work of four lanes. The project will be completed by going to Dhalmukh up to the last boundary of Raozan. He said that the power pole beside the road under the project will be removed elsewhere. Bridge culverts will also be under development. According to the sources, the road going to be covered by Charlane will be 9.5 meters wide. The divider will be divided between two sections for the discipline and safety of the vehicles. In some places, bridges, culverts, illegal installations, roads will be evicted, roads will be evacuated. “The approval of the work of four-line warehousing and four-wheeler up to Raozan, ABM Fazle Karim Chowdhury, MP, thanked the Prime Minister Shek Hasina and said,” Whenever I signed the Prime Minister Rauzane’s people have fulfilled the needs. The approval of the meaning of this four-line work also includes such objections. This is a great achievement for the people of Raozan. He said that I am doing politics for peace, development of the people of Raozan. I believe that with the help of everyone, we can make Raozan a model upazila. ‘
Raujan municipality panel mayor Bashir Uddin Khan, 2nd panel mayor landUddin Parvez, UP chairman Abdul Jabbar Sohel, social worker Saiful Islam Chowdhury Rana, Ahsan Habib Chowdhury Hasan and many others said, “RAJAN ABM Fazle Karim Chowdhury’s development led to the development of tens of thousands of core. Rangamati Road Charlain means that the opening of the dream of Rauzan’s people is open. It is possible that Fazle Karim is under the leadership of Rauzan. “Meanwhile, the people of different races of Rauzan expressed happiness over the approval of the four lane project.


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