Imported LNG will now be provided in the industries and factories of Chittagong


Chittagong bureau:
Imported LNG will now be provided in the industries and factories of Chittagong. Karnaphuli Gas Distribution Company (KGDCL) is taking steps to this effect. These measures are being taken because the national grid is not available. KGDCL is trying to increase gas in Chittagong. Kafko’s daily gas demand is 60 million cubic feet, 45 million cubic feet of CFUL and the demand for Shikalbaha power plant is 72 million cubic feet per day. These organizations will be given gas from dedicated pipeline gas from the ring-main pipeline in Chittagong. But by the end of October the pipeline three were supposed to be finished but it is not possible. By the end of November this pipeline can end three. That is, when the construction of the pipeline is completed, the daily supply of 177 million cubic feet LNG will be increased.
Imported LNG supplies are being considered for increasing gas prices. How much supply is being provided to LNG and how much supply will increase till June, the price of gas is dependent on it. At the beginning, it was proposed to price gas prices by supplying one thousand million cubic feet. Delivery

The companies said, if the supply of LNG to 1,800 million cubic feet per day with two thousand 800 million cubic feet per day, the cost of gas would be increased to 75 percent. Energy Regulatory Commission sources said, the increase in the quantity of LNG supply will be announced only after ensuring that the increased price of gas will be announced. This announcement may come in the coming weeks. Last gas price was increased in February last year. BERC raises the price of 22.73 percent on average in two stages. The first step is to March 1 and the second step is effective from 1 June.


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