Halda and Karnaphuli fall in the amount of 33 million liter fluid waste in the day



In the Halda and Karnaphuli rivers, the city consumes 33.1 million liters of liquid waste daily. The two rivers are facing severe pollution. Fisheries river biodiversity has come under threat. According to WASA sources, according to the master plan of Chittagong WASA on drainage and sewerage, the liquid waste daily in the city is 33 million 10 lakh liters. But because of the WASA sewerage project in the city, all the fluid waste is directly falling in the Halda and Karnaphuli rivers through the canal and canal. The water of the river is polluted. However, these two rivers are the main source of drinking water in Wasa.
In this regard, WASA caretaker engineer Mohammad Ariful Islam, who was responsible for preparing the sewerage project, said the liquid waste was 33 million and 10 lakh liters per day in the city. But due to WASA’s sewerage project, all the liquid waste is directly in the Halda and Karnaphuli rivers through the canal and canal.
He said, “Treatment plan will be prepared to clean the liquid waste of 10 million liters of power per day under WASAAR sewerage project. Waste treatment plant will be developed for remaining liquid waste in phases


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