Complaints of using lower quality cement and iron piles The toppling of the godown bridge in Rangunia is going on


Monirul Islam Parvez :
The toppling of the top part of the cast of a span of the southern part of the Godown bridge, built in the Rangunia part of the Karnaphuli River, has emerged. Some of the bridges in the bridge have also been found in the joint iron plate. Heavy vehicles are running without some iron bars. As a result, the movement of the bridge started in 2007 has become risky. The main medium of movement is the Goondown Bridge, as an alternative road for the residents of the main four Union Rangunia and the alternative road of Bandarban district. This is the third bridge built on the river Karnaphuli. In this situation locals are afraid that if the heavy vehicular traffic goes, the bridge will be more risky.
Beximco Construction Ltd, the leading construction company of the country, has done the second package of the important Goondown Bridge, which was funded by the revenue and roads division of the Roads and Highways Department. A year ago, the Godown Bridge has been entrusted to the LGED by Godown Bridge. At present, the local government engineering directorate is responsible for the maintenance of the bridge. Rangunia Upazila Engineer Didarul Alam said that after placing the upper part of the bridge over the welding of the top plates, there is no rule to cast the toppling work. Locals said that the Beximco Construction Limited used the low quality cement in the bridge. While constructing the godown bridge, Beximco’s responsible project manager Engineer Farid Uddin claimed that Ruby Cement of Chittagong was used in the construction of the bridge. But local contractors like Abdul Karim, Nurul Alam, and some contractors said that the Beximco authorities used 100 bags of Ruby cement to build godown bridges, but with 200 bags of different quality brand cement used. Without getting out of it, the toppling has become risky for vehicular traffic. The bridge has also been used in Spain’s joints. There are some iron pots in it already. However, the Rangunia LGED Office sources said that the project on fast carpeting was taken up by placing the above plow on the godown bridge and it will be implemented soon, the construction work of the bridge was inaugurated on 3 March 1995. In the efforts of former BNP MP Nurul Alam of Rangunia, the initiative taken by the BNP’s minister for communications, Colonel Oli Ahmed, to construct a bridge with the mainland of Rangunia, is to construct a bridge in southern Ranunia. Construction of the construction of the 305 meter length and 7.6-meter-wide godown bridge at the cost of 9 crore taka for the revenue and revenue department of the Roads and Highways Department began in April 1995. Concord Construction Limited started the construction of this bridge, but in 1996, the government started construction of the bridge for 12 years due to change and delay. Initially, the bridge was planned to be made with iron plates, but after the construction of the bridge pillar for many reasons including the increase in the prices of the construction materials, the work was stopped. Then the former Awami League leader Late M Sadek Chowdhury lobbed the plates over the pillar built by changing the design and lobbying for the construction of the RCC Bridge. After the increase in the prices of construction materials, the cost of construction of the bridge is approximately 19.1 billion taka. Beximco Construction Limited works in the second part of the bridge constructed with eight pillar spans. In 2007 it was officially opened for movement.
Local residents said. Abdullah said, I often travel through this road. It has been seen for some days that the iron cover of the Gondon bridge is going on. There are no iron bars in many parts. In addition, the pitch has got much of the bridge. If the authorities look, the bridge may be risk-free.
Chittagong Road and Highways Department’s Deputy Divisional Engineer Shambhu Talukder said that the construction of the bridge is being funded by the revenue sector, but the bridge has now been handed over to the Local Government Engineering Department with the approval road. Now their responsibility is to look after them. However, he did not have any information about the irregularities in the construction of Beximco Construction of Cement. At that time engineer Farid Uddin, the then project manager of Baximco Construction Limited said that one year after the construction of the Godown bridge, the responsibility of our maintenance was our responsibility. In 2007, the bridge was explained to the roads and highways department. Claiming that the top plating was cast after RCC welding, he said that cement of RoBi Cement in Chittagong and another company from Dhaka was used. But he could not tell the company’s name. The local contractors complained that it was an ignorant and poor quality cement.
Rangunia engineer said. Didarul Alam said that due to heavy traffic, the toppling of the bridge has exploded. The LGED expert team went to the bridge to see the bridge. It has been sent and sent for project estimation for the estimation. Soon the tender will be made and the toppling of the goondown bridge will be done, and the carpeting will be kept suitable for the bridges.



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