Nasir-Salam’s announcement in the meeting organized by the city Awami League We are united, not divorced



Chittagong bureau:
City Mayor AZM Nasir Uddin and CDA Chairman Abdus Salam promised to work together. Said the same tune. However, both Awami League acting president Mahtab Uddin Chowdhury has warned.
In view of the forthcoming parliamentary elections, the two top leaders of the city Awami League promised to hold a meeting at the conference room of Chittagong City Corporation on Monday.
City Awami League (acting) president Mahtab Uddin Chowdhury warned City Mayor AHM Nasir Uddin and CDA Chairman Abdus Salam to warn the people not to suffer for development. Do not believe anything other than work. The city mayor and the CDA chairman have to work responsibly. If people suffer due to development, then question your responsibility. You are being warned that people will not suffer for the development of the people. He said, ‘Hold both of you with your hands and feet, tell us if there is a lack of coordination. I agree to any assistance. But you do not have to face the problems of the people.
City Awami League General Secretary AZM Nasir said, “We are in the government.” Our moral responsibilities and duties are to ensure the continuation of the government. We have decided to give all the seats in the city so that we can give the Prime Minister the party. We are sitting as part of the decision. The CDA has implemented a number of projects in city development and City Corporation is also providing services to the city dwellers. Our government is in charge. If we can be questioned, it will question the image of the government as it comes to the ear tunnel. There will be discontent among the people, there will be an impact in the automatic elections. That’s why we are careful. But there is no scope to deny suffering due to development. If it is old town, then there is some disaster in development. He promised to work better together in a united way.
City Mayor said, ahead of the elections, our hard test. In the fight for the existence we have to get to the field War of Liberation again want to make events like August 15, 1975. But now they will not be given the opportunity. There is a good relationship between the CDA and the City Corruption, he said, there is no debate between us. Both would like to play a role in the development of Chittagong. Citizens want to provide a good environment for living.
At the time CDA chairperson Abdouk Salam said, the matter of his distance with the mayor is absolutely propaganda. The CDA chairman said, as an Awami League activist, I became the chairman of the CDA. No examination passed or BCS with BCS was not the chairman. The Prime Minister has been responsible. I will work as a worker. There is no reason for the distance between us. Blown the distance as propaganda and said, the conspirators will not give any chance. They are spreading propaganda, confusing people. We’re here to give them the message. We’re Strongly United Under the Karnaphuli, the development work of Taka 50,000 crore is under progress, said the CDA chairman, the development is our problem. There is some trouble to develop Otherwise, these developments were supposed to be more than 50 years ago. Nobody gave a hand to the hard, I gave it. I am also working, I also think about how to reduce the sufferings of the people. Chittagong people are very happy with the development. People of Chittagong have not seen so much development. They say that there is no such development in the last 50 years.
Claiming that there is no distance with the Awami League, she said, many people think that the Awami League has a distance with me. The person who made me the chairman did not question the distance with his team. Chittagong will be updated once the tunnel is completed. Regarding the city’s water-sharing project, the CDA chairman said only 1 percent of the project was implemented. I will try my best to implement this project. He urged the city Awami League leaders to come together in front of the election to bring the message of its benefits to the people of the city by combining development activities in the city.
Chittagong Metropolitan Awami League Vice-President Khorshed Alam Sujon urged the mayor to open a temporary blockade for the development work in the convenience of the people and the traffic on one side of the Agra Access Road.
Chittagong Metropolitan Awami League vice-president Altaf Hossain Bachchu advised to set up drainage system system to reduce the waterlogging of the area. Nahar Awami League vice-president Khorshed Alam Sujnabalen, whatever is said, the distance between the City Corporation and the CDA That was the reality. Through today’s meeting, the two organizations have promised the main people. They will work together. Do your best to reduce the incidence of people’s livelihood. This is a great achievement for the people of Chittagong. He said that the CMP commissioner will be held at 12 noon on Thursday and the city Awami League will meet with Chittagong WASA chairman at one and a half.
Chaired by Chittagong Metropolitan Awami League Acting President Bir Freedom Fighter Mahtab Uddin Chowdhury presided over the meeting. Besides, Mayor and Chittagong Metropolitan Awami League General Secretary AHM Nasir Uddin and Finance Secretary CDA Chairman Abdus Salam were also present in the meeting, among others, city AL vice-president Khorshed Alam Sujon, Sunil Sarkar, Altaf Hossain Bachchu, joint secretary Abdul Rashid, organizing secretary


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