Calling the pilgrim with a hammer suddenly the search of five natural fountains on the shoreline


Chittagong bureau:
Tourism and the sight of the smallest five natural springs in the eyes of the eyeliner, These fountains are found in the middle of the hills around the hills. In the mountains the fountain touches the heart. It is also known as a new horizon in Bangladesh’s tourism. For several months the locals are known to have enjoyed enjoying the fountain. Together the tourists join the team. If you do not see the beautiful scenery of that spring, it can not be understood that the beautiful Lilabhumi of nature is so charming. In addition to government holidays, hundreds of tourists came in these fountains, which are visible in the eyes. On Friday, there was an amazingly beautiful beratili waterfalls found in the fair.
Within five to six kilometers of Borni village of Ghumdhum union under Naikhangchhari upazila of the Hill Bandarban district, five genuine springs are found. Who does not like the fountain or waterfall. The government cannot avoid such a tourism spot. It may also add new dimensions to the entertainment and tourism sectors. But the government must be sincere.
How to get: CNG / Tomato (Battery Drivers) at Baricheli, near the Baricholi crossroads, through the Moricha-Ghatkadi, east of Miricha station in Ukhia upazila of Cox’s Bazar. Bikes, Noha and medium buses can also be taken. Start the bus to the south side of the station. After a 10-minute walk, a bridge crosses its bridge to its eastern Buddhist temple, Bhavnakendra Bihor. Of course, it is possible to take CNG and bikes up to Bihar. Next, you will start walking towards the lemon garden next to Bihar. Then you can see the corridor. Carefully start walking on the bus stop. After 2 to 3 hours walk (relying on the water on the shoreline), two separate places and three will be seen in the same place. Distance from a fountain to another 20 minutes to 30 minutes. There are three big waterfalls. The length of this big spring is 20 to 30 minutes. There are two other smaller fountains around the three major fountains. Oh, what a wonderful life it is. The creation of the Creator
What to take: It is better to take local (Chakma) as a tour guide with one. Many Chakma boys stayed with the tourists in the Barietili area. But you have to leave in the morning. That means, if you start walking from 9 am to 10 am from the thought center, then it is better. By this time you will be able to enjoy all the fountains and come back in the afternoon. It is better to take food, water, stick, knife, clothes and shoes etc. necessary and in demand Before the evening, you have to return from there.
Caution: In the rainy season, the life of the fountain is returned. So during the rainy season, the fountain philosophy is a good side. However, the mountainous alert should be maintained. If there is heavy rain, there is more water on the shoreline. It becomes impossible and risky to do this.
Anil Chakma, a local resident of Baraichi, told that the identities of these fountains by the locals for more than an era were more than one era. But for some months it has been introduced to tourists and tourists. In the last three months, the presence of tourists is observed daily in these fountains. These fountains are slowly being introduced to everyone. But the fountains have no name. Each of the fountains can be a name. This may add new levels of tourism spot to the world and to the whole of Bangladesh. It’s not the government’s eye yet.


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