The story behind the injured Tamim was dropped



Sports reporter:
I’ll go and play the last ball. ‘Tamim had such a desire. The team’s decision was that if Mushfiqur Rahim is in Strai after the ninth wicket, then Tamim Iqbal will go down with a broken wrist. But at the 47th over Mustafizur Rahman was seen in the run out, Mushfiq stood on the non-strik edge. Still he is the rest of the ball. According to the team’s decision, Tamim will not be in such a situation. Mushfiqur’s decision to leave The decision of the team in the dressing room is not to know. Mushfiqur As a result, when Mustafiz was out, he also walked on the way to the pavilion. But could not go far enough. Tamim went down to make a change in the team’s decision. Mustafiz said himself after being out, ‘I will go and play the last ball’. Tamim played the last ball of the over. Tamim, who was injured in the ball, played the ball and went to the wicket and Samaritan Tamim, Company went with Mushfiq has left the rest. Took the storm At that time, 32 runs came in 23 overs. Bangladesh’s score is rich in that. The way to win The Bangladesh team got 261 runs in the fight. The way forward bowlers brought the team to 137 runs. Earlier, in the second over of the innings, Suranga Lakmal’s bouncer was hooked to the hook, while timing broke. Instead of bat, Tamim left the ball. He was forced to leave the field immediately. The way to the hospital is to run. Hand scans are known to have been caught in the wrist. Must be at least six weeks away from the field. The team is not sure about Tamim But after Mushfiq-Mithun’s 131-run partnership, it was only after the breakthrough. Two wickets fall 8 wickets. It is decided that if Mushfiqur Rahim is in Strai after the ninth wicket, then Tamim Iqbal will go down with a broken wrist. Confirm Tamim himself. Tamim said that he had come down with the confidence of Mashrafe. Tamim said, “Mashrafe brother gave his confidence. Repeatedly talking to me. He cut the gloves and put the plaster in hand. “But the hamstring happened in the 47th over. Mushfiq go from non-striker Tamim Iqbal Khan, the opener of the country, fell to bat with an unbeaten show of his courage, leaving only one ball in the over.


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