letter to ministry how many people have been recruited in the last 10 years in Chittagong City Corporation



Chittagong bureau:
In Chittagong City Corporation  since 2009, till last 10 years, a total of 3651 people have been recruited in permanent and temporary. In the meantime, 1050 people have permanent manpower. And 2601 people have been appointed temporary manpower. This information was given in the letter sent to the ministry yesterday.
According to City Corporation sources, among the permanent manpower recruited in the last 10 years, there are 77 first class officers, second class officers 19, third and fourth class employees, 229 people and 725 people. Among the officers and employees appointed on temporary basis, the first class officer is 142-2. The second class officer is 13 people. The third and fourth class employees are 303 and 214 people.
No manpower could be appointed in this period because the manpower structure was not approved. However, the organization has continued the process of applying the organogram to get the clearance for appointment. This manpower recruitment is currently waiting for the mandate of the ministry secretary to get the order.
Chief Executive Officer of City Corporation Shamsuddoha said the instructions were sent from the Prime Minister’s Office to get information about how many people have been recruited in the last 10 years from 2009 to 2018. According to the demands of the Local Government Division, the information of the manpower sent by the meeting sent by the meeting was sent. In order to appoint manpower, another organization was created and sent to the ministry. If the ministry gets the clearance, there will be an opportunity to appoint some more manpower.
On September 6, Deputy Secretary of the Public Administration Ministry asked about how many people have been appointed in the corporation’s office during the tenure of the government. Iqbal Hussain sent a letter to the local government. On September 13, the Deputy Secretary of the Local Government said. A letter signed by Mahbubul Alam Chief Executive Officer. Shamsuddoha was sent along. In the letter, instructions were sent to send information about manpower recruitment by September 16. In his light yesterday, the appointment was sent to the Ministry of Information.



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