Eris mosquitoes can spread three types of virus


7 Dengue patients in the city
Chittagong bureau:

Seven Dengue patients were found in the city last August. And the number of Dengue patients in this year is 22. However, the District Civil Surgeon Office did not find any dengue patients in the upazila.
The researchers said, the dengue, chikungunyea and jica can spread these three types of viruses from ADIS mosquito. A mosquito can carry three types of viruses. That is, a person with a mosquito bite has the possibility of having three types of diseases at the same time.
District Civil Surgeon Office sources said that seven patients of Dengue were found in Chittagong last month. Among them, two were found at Chittagong Metropolitan Hospital, two in the medical center, three in the CSCR. Besides, from January to date, 22 Dengue patients have been treated at different hospitals in the city. Among them, a patient named Kazali Chakma was killed. His house is located in Rangamati. He took treatment in a city hospital. However, none of the 14 upazilas of Chittagong found dengue patients.
Chittagong City Corporation surveyed the area based mosquitoes from the Chittagong Civil Civil Surgeon Office in the initiative of the Department of Health, in August 2017. 41 wards divided into seven zones were surveyed. In the survey, 820 houses, 2105 water containers or water tank mosquito larva available in Eris mosquito. The risk of britta index or dengue was 21.22 percent. According to the World Health Organization, this index is expected to increase the incidence of mosquito-borne diseases by rising above 20%. The most risk was the Sugandha Residential Area. Here the risk index was 95 percent. In the area of ​​Devapahar and Saraipara 75 percent of the area. 55% in Lalkhan Bazar area and 45% in Rampur area. In the open place, the presence of Edis mosquitoes has been found to be 115 percent, multi-storied 22 percent 51 percent, and slum areas 19 percent 61 percent. Besides, 100 percent of adis mosquito larva is found in the construction of water tanks for building construction. Apart from the small water in the small hole below the water meter of WASA, there are 100 percent Aedes mosquito larvae found. Testing of different types of drum water found 100% larva. Besides, 28 percent of the abandoned tires and 20 percent of plastic buckets have been found in the adhesia mosquito larva. Apart from home, tree lining of Edis mosquito larva was found in bamboo chamber, in plastic holes, sheets of plastics, broken part of bathrooms comed.
The survey found that 51 percent of the people of Devapahar area, 13 percent 10 percent in Sugandha Residential Area, 12.17 percent in East Madarbari area and five percent of people in Chashmapahar area were affected by Chikungunya. The report was handed over to Chittagong City Corporation.
district civil surgeon. Azizur Rahman Siddiquiben,said there may be some of these dengue in the monsoon season. But there is no reason to be afraid of it. Because it did not spread in the form of epidemic. Two-one has been attacked. They got better in treatment. Concerning Chikungunya, there is no reason to fear the disease. Because chikungunya is such a disease that people get a little trouble. But do not die. If you get proper treatment, the chikungunya patient gets better quickly. In the survey conducted last year, the areas which were identified as more vulnerable in the past year, are also known to be more risky in those areas, he said, these areas may not be risky now. However, reports were sent to the Health Department every month from the District Civil Surgeon’s office. They review the reports. If there is additional information available on the patient, then they send the expert person. Mosquito and patient samples are collected and recommended to take necessary measures.

Chittagong City Corporation Chief Cleaner Officer Shafiqul Mannan Siddiqui Bablon,said before the sacrifice, the spray operation has been strengthened. Mosquito disorders are being sprayed daily in the nullahs. Asked about the people suffering from dengue in the city, he said, there is nothing to do with the city corporation where the Edis mosquito is grown in the nala. These mosquitoes are born in a flower room, water tank with clean water Edes mosquitoes will not grow if these places do not accumulate for more than seven days. Needed for this is basically awareness. A little bit aware of people, Eris can avoid mosquito-borne diseases.


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