Bangladesh Openers out of the field for two or three months Tamim’s stunned cricket world



Sports reporter:
In the second over of the Asia Cup, Tamim Iqbal, who got left-arm pacer in the second over of Suranga Lakmal, To go straight from the field to the hospital. It is known that there is scratches in the bones of the wrists. At first, the doctors told him that he could have stayed out of the field for six weeks. But yesterday, it was known that Tamim would not be returning to the field after two or three months before the match. Tamim went to play Asia Cup with finger injury In the inaugural match of the tournament, Sri Lanka also came out against the field. But when Lakmeal got a ball to hit the ball, he got hit. That’s why Asia Cup ends Tamim’s end Although, after two hours of being injured in this injury, he made an outstanding example of heroism for the country. Opponent bowler faced the broken hand with the team needed. The scene of the whole match was changed. Tigers start the Asia Cup with an unforgettable win But in the joy of winning it was not known to be 6 weeks, but more time will be left out of the country, This information was received from the chief of the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) Akram Khan. Former Bangladesh captain said that Tamim would have to leave the field for two or three months. Tamim’s praise for the incredible action of the whole world is Tamim. Along with the same, astounded, surprised. Everyone is a word – it is possible! Former Pakistan captain Salman Butt is surprised at others. But 33-year-old Butt could not believe even after seeing his eyes, Tamim was really trying to bat one-handed. Soon after the end of the game, Tam Butt Tamim swept the tide of praise. The title of ‘champion’ has been taught on the Bangladeshi opener. Tamim all over the world for the unbelieving all-rounder. But praise of Salman Butt will definitely inspire Tamim very much. Salman Butt, in a small statement, puts Dashahshika Tamim on other heights, “The path to the road is difficult, but the champions continue to do so. This is how the team helps. ‘Salman Butt is not only, but the bravery of Tamir Iqbal, who has seen everyone on television, has won the honor. Tausif Tasin, a supporter inspired by Tamim’s heroism on his Twitter, wrote, “The deep respect for Tamim Iqbal. Not just Malinga, all cricketers should salute him … and too much respect for Mushfiqur Rahim. Another person named Shihab Irfan Alam writes, “Harry and Jeetti, this is one of the inspirational moments of Bangladesh’s cricket for me. Tamim Iqbal, I do not understand what to say. Mushfiqur Rahim is also incredible. “Tamim’s fascination is not only a supporter. The players are in the squad. Saadiya Nine Abidi, a member of Pakistan’s women’s cricket team, wrote, “Batting with broken wrists! Tamim Iqbal has shown incredible courage! True show of courage and sacrifice. Another Twitter user, Ali, writes, “Tamim Iqbal is batting in one hand, is that true! Highly respected. “A user named Shailesh wrote, ‘Tamim Iqbal has become a legend, salute and salute to those who show such heroism for the country and for playing.’


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