At the airport, 70 gold bars were recovered from two flights to 30 million



Chittagong bureau:
Customs authorities have recovered 70 gold bars from two flights at Chittagong’s Shah Amanat International Airport, worth Tk 30 million. Two passengers were also detained.
On Sunday afternoon, the airline employees handed over the customs authorities after seeing a packet abandoned in a flight of Regent Airways from Bangkok. After opening it, 60 packets of gold bars are available.
Earlier, at least 10 gold bars were recovered from the fraypane handle carrying two passengers of another flight of the same airline at noon. Regarding the recovery of gold bars from the abandoned packet, Regent Airways station in-charge SM Ziaur Rahman at Shah Amanat Airport said, after the departure of the passengers from the Regent Air flight from Bangkok, the packet was found in the area while cleaning the inner seat. After the news, the airport Customs Worker packet opened and recovered 60 gold bars.
Airport Customs Assistant Commissioner Mahbubur Rahman confirmed the receipt of the gold bars, the gold bars weighing about seven kilograms and the estimated price is about three crore taka.
Earlier, at least five gold bars were recovered from the passengers of Asaduzzaman and Kamal Uddin from Muscat in Shah Amanat Airport at noon.
Assistant Commissioner of Chittagong Airport customs Mahbubur Rahman said that 10 gold bars hidden in special hands were recovered by the passengers of the two passengers from Muscat after searching suspicious vehicles. Recovered gold weighing 1 kg of 160 grams Estimated price is half-year money, he said. Two passengers detained were handed over to the police.


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