Ulea scriptor topic Russia urges UNHRC to press London



International Desk:

Members of the Russian delegation participating in the 39th session of the UN Human Rights Council (UNHCR) in Geneva have urged international human rights organizations to pressure Washington and London to allow Russian citizens to meet their family members and diplomats.

They claimed that the country had kidnapped two foreign nationals. Olga Charkizova, a member of the Russian delegation on Britain, named her codenamed Ulea Scrippal. He said, “We want to highlight these bad acts of the United States and the UK authorities. They kidnap the people of the third country without informing their country.
The country does not let the Russians detained with Ulyssia, and meet their family members and Russian diplomats, “Cherkizova hopes that the allegation against the countries that the working group’s power and rights” will force them to stop the major human rights violations. ” British citizen Sergei and Ulyalia Scripto from British diplomats for more than six months Isolated.
Their family members, journalists and Russian diplomats are not allowed to communicate independently. The Russian women diplomat said the two Russian citizens were kept in secret place after being released from the Salisbury District Hospital. According to the Russian Embassy, ​​according to the 1963 Vienna Convention and Convention of Convention on the Vienna Convention of Great Britain, violating the legal rights to contact Russian citizens.


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