‘Muslim refugees threaten European civilization’- Hungarian Prime Minister


International Desk:

The European Parliament has decided to start the process of punishment against the Hungarian government.
However, despite the decision, Hungary’s Prime Minister Victor Orben stuck in his position. In his speech to the European Parliament, he said that ‘Blackmail’ was being done by his country (Hungary). Even Muslim refugees threatened the existence of European civilization, he said.
The European Parliament has decided to start the process of punishment against the country on the basis of such allegations that the Hungarian government has violated European Union values ​​by ignoring all criticism. In the history of the European Union, such a disciplinary action was never taken against a member country.
On Wednesday, European Parliament voted against 448 members and 197 members against the resolution of the decision to take disciplinary action against Hungary. Apart from that, 48 voting was abstained. In this situation, Hungary could lose its franchise in the EU.
European Parliament member Youth Sargentini published a report on the situation in Hungary There have been several examples of violations of the European Union’s values. There have also been allegations of undermining the independence of the media, academic and judicial framework against the Hungarian government. According to the report, the government is taking strict action against NGOs and created an environment of corruption.
Referring to the refugees in Europe in 2015, Hungary has virtually stopped the border and refused to accept refugees. Even the European government’s decision has been rejected by the country’s government.




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