From Bahaddarhat to the head of the road to Kaptai … Two and a half years off one side!



Chittagong bureau:
Long traffic congestion on the half-kilometer road up to Bahaddarhat bus terminal in front of Chandgaon Sarafat Ullah Petrol Pump. The vehicles are going to collapse. The miserable passengers are joking. The number of vehicles increased as time goes on increasing. To be long, the vehicle’s turn. Many of the passengers started walking down the road. This is not a picture of a day on this road. It is one of the most busy busiest road in the city. Thousands of passengers are being victimized this morning, since the road has been closed for two and a half years. The WASA pipeline was about four kilometers long due to this delicate situation of the road.
However, Chittagong WASA said that the remaining three decimal 35 kilometer Chittagong City Corporation (CHC) has been explained in the current year by placing only half a kilometer of road for pipeline work. At the same time, five crore rupees have been paid to the city for the repair of the road.
On the other hand, city corporation said, “Soon Chittagong WASA dug the road to set up their water supply line. Then the Karnaphuli Gas Distribution Company Ltd. started. After completion of their work, the development and renovation of the whole road will work Chittagong City Corporation. A project of Tk 70 crore has been taken for this road. The project is awaiting the approval of ECNEC.
It is found that in order to establish the pipeline of the Madunaghat project, WASA started closing the traffic on one side of Chittagong-Kaptai road in the beginning of 2016. After that, the work of establishing a pipeline on the busy road for two years. In order to build flyovers, in October 2016, a side of the terminal road was closed from Bahaddarhat. From here onwards, Kaptai is passing through the road from Bahaddarhat to the bus terminal and is passing through the new Chandgaon Police Station. In the middle of December 017, the newly opened rifle of Bahaddarhat flyover opened some relief to the passengers. But after one month’s interruption, Chittagong WASA stopped the traffic on one side after the normal vehicular movement. The company took one and a half months to set up the undercrossing pipeline in the culvert. But after eight months in the space of one and half months, WASA could not finish the job. As a result, passengers of the Arakan road have been traveling in woe for nearly two and a half years.
The roads of Bahaddarhat-Kaptai road are now in vulnerable condition due to WASA cavalcade. Vehicular movement is closed on one side. The closed section has been turned into bus, truck, tempo station. Some parts are being traded keeping sand reserves. Due to the digging of the mud, the roads of the mud should be a cultivated land of rice. The part of the vehicle that runs through the mud. Most of the people who walk on the road and walk through the road, or they cross the road to do the necessary work. During the transport, the passers-by clothes were damaged by mud spray. Keep the legs slipping.
Due to the road on both sides of the road, both vehicles are moving. Vehicular traffic is going on every single day due to traffic on both sides of the road. For this reason, long traffic congestion on the head of Kalurghat C & B, Bahar Signal and Kaptai road, in front of the entry road of Bahaddarhat bus terminal from Sarafat Ullah Petrol Pump in Old Chandgaon Police station,
City Mayor AHM Nasir Uddin said those government organizations, including Chittagong WASA, Karnaphuli Gas Company, are also implementing development projects. So there is no scope to obstruct them. When the work of the Karnaphuli gas is done on this road, they will sit with them. At present, the road will be seen in the part of the road which is closed for vehicular traffic. If we have the opportunity to open it will open. After getting ECNEC approval, the road development project will be implemented on priority basis.



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