The Committee of the Red Cross to assess the feasibility


The process of returning to Rohingyas of zero-star has started
Chittagong bureau:

The International Red Cross Committee has started the process of scrutinizing the possibility of returning Rohingyas residing in Zero line of border to Myanmar’s Rakhine state. On Wednesday, at around 11:30 am, a team of 8 members of the Red Cross on the Dakubnia border of Rakhine State visited Rohingya Shibir of Zero Line of Tumher Border. The delegation spoke with Rohingya women and men and their representatives in the camp. The delegation said that the Rohingyas of the Zero Line would be taken to the shelter camp in Tangpaio area of ​​Maungdaw district of Rakhine state. During this time, the delegation also told the Rohingyas to provide food, medical and education. Since Rohingyas of the Zero Line have been in Myanmar, Rohingyas are now informed about providing food support from the Red Cross of Myanmar. Zero Line’s Rohingya Abdul Alim and Majli Dil Muhammad told the delegation that they did not want assistance. They want to get their right back.
The Zero Line has urged the Myanmar government to quickly take Rakhine back to their hometown
Rohingya The Red Cross delegation returned to Myanmar after talking to Rohingyas.
Meanwhile, the Red Cross delegation was strengthened during inspection of the Zero Line area. Border Guard Bangladesh and BGP members on both sides strengthened the patrol. In August last year, the country’s military launched massive violence against minority Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar’s Rakhine. After that, more than 7 lakh Rohingya migrated to Bangladesh to save lives. At around 5000 Rohingyas took the no-man’s land in Naikkhanchhari upazila of Bandarban. Bangladesh Red Crescent is providing food, education and medical assistance to the Rohingyas in the camp. Under the Rohingya Reinstatement Agreement, the government has expressed interest to return these Rohingyas to Myanmar.


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