Salahuddin is investigating the failure of clean


sports reporter:

At least in the dream of playing in the semifinals, the Bangladesh Football Team started the clean championship in the field. Bangladesh has moved a lot in the way of fulfilling that dream. In the first match Bhutan and in the next match, Pakistan lost the semi-finals with a foot in the red-green jersey.
If nothing happened in the last match, nobody could afford to stop playing in Bangladesh’s semifinals. Sadly, in the last match of the group, Bangladesh lost by 2-0 goals to Nepal. Goalkeeper Shahidul Alam Sohel’s ridiculous one forgets the goal of the hosts.
That ridiculous mistake eventually ends the tears of crying. This is the reason why the defeat was defeated by Nepal and the defeat of goalkeeper’s unpardonable mistake was triggered by the criticism. In spite of not being in the coach Jamie Dey’s camp, why did the goalkeeper Sohel be included in the eleventh, why a club based person was kept in the rank of manager, why Abahani dominates – many such questions and criticism started coming to Bangladesh football Centered around the team. Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF) president Kazi Salauddin faced the journalists at the Bangladesh Football Federation building three days after the departure from Nepal. BFF president was bereft of journalists’ questions. Finally, he announced, ‘I am investigating myself for the failure of clearing. Hopefully, you can present one of these results in the next 4/5 days. “Why did the goalkeeper Sohel be included in the team, why the man in the club was appointed, why the performers of the club were not placed and why the decisions of the coach were done as interference In response to such questions, Kazi Salahuddin said, “I have given all your comments and questions. Why I failed?I will  investigate why Bangladesh team fail. The coach will actually sit with him. Talk about We will talk to all concerned. I will take the statement of all and my observations – in front of everyone, will be able to highlight a picture. “Not only that, the neutral and professional manager can be recruited also, said the president, BFF president said. In the meantime, the English coach Jamie Dave on holiday left Nepal for the day after leaving the country. He is going to leave on holiday due to Bangabandhu Gold Cup play and he will return home within the next two days, said BFF president.


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