Penalize penalties for the creation of an artificial crisis of agricultural products, bills in parliament



Mt desk:
Agricultural Marketing Bill-2018 has been introduced in the Parliament, with the provision of a one-year jail and one lakh taka fine to create an artificial crisis of agricultural commodities in the market.

After the meeting of Agriculture Minister Matia Chowdhury in Parliament, she will be examined in three working days and sent to parliamentary standing committee on the Ministry of Agriculture for the report. Is.According to the proposed legislation, without the license, without the license of the market, without warehousing, the management of warehousing and freezing of goods and export of agricultural commodities, imports will be considered as crime. Besides, if there is no additional charge, employee disruption, wholesale and retail sale price, hazardous chemicals The proposed law, which is considered to be an offense if you use the goods, reduces the weight It has been one year in prison for the crime and has provided one million fine. According to the proposed law, the mobile court will be able to pay for the offenses under the same law. In 1959, 1964 and 1985, the law was enacted on various agricultural markets, buying and selling of commodities.


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