Chamber president asks Indonesia for duty-free access



Chittagong bureau:

Chittagong Chamber President Mahbubul Alam has requested to establish direct connectivity in Indonesia and duty-free access to Bangladeshi products.

Indonesia Ambassador Rina P. During the exchange of views with Swimerno, the chamber president requested this.Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce Syed Jamal Ahmed, Director Zahirul Islam Chowdhury (Alamgir), said at a meeting meeting held at the Chamber’s Office of World Trade Center on Wednesday (September 12th). Ahid Siraj Chowdhury (Swapan) and Anjan Shekhar Das, former Director Mohammad Mohsin and Embassy’s Economic Counselor Yingriz Rozalina spoke on the occasion.

Mahbubul Alam has emphasized the strengthening of the relations between the two countries, including the trade and commerce of both countries, referring to the brotherly relations and cultural harmony of the two countries.

Referring to the growing export basket of Bangladesh, she said she wants the ambassador’s efforts to increase import from Bangladesh.

He said export against import of 1107.11 million dollars in Bangladesh fiscal year 2016-17 is only 46.49 million dollars. To reduce this huge trade deficit, it is necessary to strengthen the relations between the discussions, initiatives and the private sector of both the countries.

Mahbubul Alam, hoping to invest in Indonesia to build IT, infrastructure and non-terminal projects in these economic zones, informing the ambassador about the special economic zones created in the country.

The Ambassador of Indonesia said that with the economic and overall consideration, now Bangladesh is a very important country, it is extremely timely to increase communication between the two countries.

Commenting on the recent visit of the Indonesian President to a new horizon in the development of the two countries, Ambassador highlighted the need to give more connotation to Indonesia’s people and traders about Bangladesh.

He said that both the countries are going to execute a preferential trade agreement to increase export of these products by mentioning the huge potential of different products including jute and jute goods, medicines, ceramics and construction materials in Bangladesh’s huge market of 260 million people.

At the same time, Ambassador of Biman and Private Communication Development, directly to the People-to-People and Business-to-Business relationship, considers the priority work done.

He invited Bangladeshi entrepreneurs and businessmen to take part in South Asian’s biggest 33th trade expo to be held in Indonesia from October 24-28.

Syed Jamal Ahmed urged the ambassador to set up investment and industries in Bangladesh hoping to play a key role in improving bilateral relations.

Anjan Shekhar Das seeks Indonesian cooperation in tourism and Blue Economy. The former director of the chamber called Mohammed Mohsin Sabang and Sister City program in Chittagong.

Ambassador visited World Trade Center and Permanent Exhibition to visit the stores of Bangladeshi export products.



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