There is no use of 8 foot over bridges in Sitakunda Knowing the risk of death is crossing the road


Sitakundu correspondent:
At Sitakundu the busiest Dhaka-Chittagong highway, at least 30 educational institutions, and thousands of ordinary people, is not using foot over bridge, knowing deaths at all times. They were running in front of different vehicles including bus-trucks and not moving over the bridge to save them for two minutes. As a result of the over bridge, the accident is not stopped. On the other hand, eight foot over bridges constructed at the cost of millions of rupees are in a bad shape.
According to local sources, the Dhaka-Chittagong highway in Sitakunda upazila is very busy road. With the connectivity of the port city to the port city of Chittagong, more than 20 thousand different types of vehicles are transported every day. A few years ago, after the busy highway turned into four-lane, the speed of moving vehicles has increased. Although the passengers of the distance benefited, the risk increased, half the students of the school, college, madrasa, adjacent to the highway of the upazila and the common man, including the owners and employees of the business establishments surrounding the road. Because, on this road, so many vehicles that the traffic is very difficult to avoid is very difficult. In this incident, casualty incidents are often happening. The number of schoolchildren in the list of premature deaths is slightly higher but the number of business people, employers, peasants, workers and others, including workers, is not less.
As a result the concerned parents are concerned. In the past days, the students of this area have been protesting to secure the road. As a result of these collective efforts, Roads and Population Department established Foot over Bridges in 7 important places in the upazilas. There are plans to set up more alternatives. Besides, a private industry established an over bridge in front of a girls’ school and college, while the number of feet over bridge in the upazila now stands at 8. Meanwhile, in the wake of the demands of several people including teacher-students, guardians, leaders of the area, to prevent the death of the highway, eight over bridge were constructed for safe passage, but after the introduction of these, it is seen that most students, including the students, are crossing the highway with the risk of saving them for two minutes without using them.
In the Upazila, there have been found that the construction of foot over bridges here are respectively in front of Bhatiari Bijoy Memorial College and Haji TSC High School and Primary School in the upazila, Madam Bibirhat Market, Barualia Hafiz Jute Mills High School and Sabuj Education Primary School, Ghormamara Fakirhat area, Kumira In front of the Girl’s School and College, Gharbaku- High School Shaw On, on the front gate and baradarogarahata market.
During the visit, it is seen that where footwear bridges have been established, there are many important institutions including schools, colleges, madrasas, markets. As a result, regular people will be crossing them regularly. But the reality is quite different. Front foot over bridge in front

Even though some students, ordinary people are using these hands-on. Most people are going to cross the highway with risks. When asked about the crossing of the highway with the risk of foot over bridges, Faisal Ahmed, a student of Bhatiari Bijoy Memorial Degree College, told the excuse, “Take a look at foot over bridges hundreds of hands from our college gate. Before reaching there, we are crossing the highway in front of the college. Whenever he tried to warn him that the accident could happen at any time, Faisal said, “I can see the car, but you can hear it, nothing will happen.” The speech of the 9th grade student Shanta and the 7th grade student of Bhatiari Haji TSC High School is also almost the same. They said that the school does not want to walk a bit and walk on the bridge again. So crossing this way. If they accept the risk, then they are able to see. Asked about this, local UP chairman Alhaj Nazim Uddin, Convener of Bhatiari Haji TSC High School Management Committee, said, “We also noticed the matter.” There is talk of the school in this regard. Soon there a man will recruit. He will use foot over bridge before and after the school start of the students.
Meanwhile, students and people of the school-college are excused, but according to Sitakunda-Highway Police and local people, most of the accidents are happening due to the risk of crossing the highway. At least 80 people died in a car accident in the last one year. Among them there are students of different classes and occupations, including students. Baralaya highway police OC Ahsan Habib said that most of the people here died due to carcasses. Regarding the use of students’ foot over bridge, I also held meetings at Bhatiari School and Madambiribirhat High School at different times. Then for a couple of days, Footwater Bridges are used, then again the previous condition. He said, if only the middle divider can be closed, then it will be forced to use the footover bridge.
Upazila Secondary Education Officer. Mamun said, most of Sitakunda school and college are on the highway. Upazila primary school consists of 29 schools. Between 20 of the highways. Besides, there are many more colleges, primary schools, madrassas beside the highway. For this reason, many schools have been entrusted with foot over bridges. But it is true that most students are crossing the highways without risking the use of Foot over bridge. That is why the accidents do not stop. If everyone is not aware about this, accident and premature death cannot be prevented.



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