Vietnam buys arms from Russia



MT desk:
Vietnam is going to buy 10 million dollars of weapons and military equipment from Russia. Russia’s Tas News Agency said that the South East Asian country is purchasing these weapons as a part of its long-term plan of military capability. Russian Federation Federal Service for Military- Technical Co-Chief Dmitry Sugaev said on Thursday that we have more than one billion dollars worth of value There are several orders. Communist Party’s General Secretary Gwen P. This decision was taken at the time of his visit to Russia. However, no detailed information was available on this agreement. There have been good relations between Vietnam and Russia over the past few decades. Russia is the largest arms supplier in Vietnam. Also Russian companies are involved in several energy projects in the country. Earlier, Vietnam purchased six state-of-the-art Kilo submarines from Russia, several warships, warships and other military equipment. In a statement Friday after Russian President Vladimir Putin and Gwen Pu Trong’s meeting, the Vietnamese Communist Party said that both sides are committed to the continued development of their military relations. Note that Vietnam is the world’s largest active arms importer.


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