Up coming Bangabandhu Gold Cup eyes national football team



Sports reporter:
Bangabandhu Gold Cup eyes national football team senior player Mamunul Islam, sitting in the lobby of Fars Hotel in Paltan, Mamunul Islam A group of people sitting around him, but locked in his mouth. I did not want to say anything about the losing match to Nepal. Sri Lankan coach Nizam Pakir Ali is preparing to go to practice in the hotel’s own room. He said, ‘We are hanging. If you go to the semester? So let’s practice the team. “Fate in football has long been a big factor. In the lobby, Mamunul has to return home. The hotel’s people are right in saying that the car will be coming right now. The Sri Lankan coaches are being formed on the 12th floor at Kamalapur for the training session at the Bir Shreshtha Mohammad Mustafa Kamal Stadium. But Mamunul is the point 6 and Sri Lanka’s 1. It is also surprising that with this 1 point, Sri Lanka reached Maldives top of the table, with the last four and 6 points, Bangladesh Footballers now have their own home in their home This is happening in football, it’s happening.
The people of Bangladesh hoped that the favorite group of the people of Bangladesh would return to the region’s cleanliness in the field. English coach Jamie Due accepted the reality, his first goal was to beat the group stage. After winning the first two matches, many people can not believe that Bangladesh will have to go out in this manner. Before the start of the tournament, many feared, the ability of Bangladesh to score goals. Many people said – Who will do the round? Until then, the failure of not able to score that goal dipped the country. After getting back to Nepal, after getting an hour, Bangladesh could not make a comeback in the match. What is the benefit of blaming Shahidul Alam Sohel alone with a ridiculous goal? Sohel has scored and Nepalese footballers fed the rest of the others. Bangladeshi footballers returning to the house after the rate has returned. If you have missed the media, many of them have expressed regret in the Facebook Wall. Someone again apologized to football fans. Captain Jamal Bhuiyan thanked the audience for their support, to support them. Many people are expecting a better game by mentioning Bangabandhu Gold Cup. Bangladesh will play in another tournament after just 3 weeks to go out of the clean championship. This is also the house- Bangabandhu Gold Cup. Clearly, the tournament is more standard than the clean, more difficult. A week ago Bangabandhu Gold Cup was drawn. Bangladesh will play in Group ‘B’ against Philippines and Laos. Two countries are far ahead, much stronger than South Asian parties.
Coach Jamie de Maine expressed disappointment at losing the next press conference, but said with emphasis on the development of the team. After Karachi in 2005, Bangladesh could not win two consecutive matches in any clean championship. Even in the last three before this clearing, only one in 9 matches won. The team won 6 consecutive matches to win 6 points. Coach is looking forward to this aspect of the team’s development. Asian Games, FIFA Friendly and Clear championship matches 8 matches in 25 days 3 wins, a draw rate 4. The victory rate is 37.5 percent. Six of these eight matches have played against Bangladesh and Bangladesh has played in the rankings. Pakistan are lagging behind, but the team is very strong. Their 9 players play domestic football in different countries.


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