Shibir’s strategy to join the Jubo League student camp


Chittagong bureau:
Islami Chhatra Shibir has changed the strategy of politics, Jamaat-e-Islami’s affiliate organization Islami Chhatrashibir. The organization does not want to engage in any kind of sabotage. Because there are fears of getting involved in a new case. However, Shibir is active in organizing organizational activities.
Chittagong Metropolitan branch office of Chhatrashibir situated on the bank of Chattai canal at West Baklia DC Road in the city. Since Awami League came to power in 2009, police conducted numerous raids and recovered the arrests, arms and important papers of the activists. The shutdown became the main target of the police to prevent sabotage, the office of the student wing of Shibir became the target. But two years ago a kindergarten school was established in the name of freedom fighter and former Awami League lawmaker Advocate Kafil Uddin.
The news is that Shibir is organizing organizational activities in the remaining three stages, leaving one floor of the four-storey building for the school. And since the establishment of freedom fighter Kafil Uddin Kindergarten, there was no police operation in the building.
Chittagong Metropolitan Police Commissioner Mahbubur Rahman said that the activities of the camp are in our surveillance. They are in a lot of condition now. For some reason, law and order will not be discounted if deteriorated. Police activities in the front will increase further.
Firoz, one of the main associates of Sajjah, was arrested along with Baijid Police Station AK-47. Firoz is now out of jail with bail and now Juba League leader He is actively involved with a group of city Awami League. Firoz’s identity is known to many of the police and Awami League, but police and Awami League have no information about thousands of active activists of Chhatra Shibir. As a result, there is a fear in the administration about the possible activities of Jamaat and Shibir in the next election.
According to intelligence, at least 20 thousand members of Jamaat-e-Islami activists and activists of Shibir activists are preparing themselves in front of the next election. Do not burn fights or burns, they will try to influence the elections from within the Awami League.
During a preparatory meeting on June 23 under the cultural program, Kotwali police station arrested 210 activists of Chhatrashibir from the motel road of Station Road in the city. After the police saw their Facebook and other social networking sites, at least 70 percent of them were photographed on Facebook by Bangabandhu. There are pictures with Awami League leaders in various social events or meetings. On Facebook, many claimed to be activists of BCL and Jubo League. An officer of Chittagong Metropolitan Police said, “We have only captured 210 people. There are many others who are skeptical. They are now all Awami League commanders. Who will recognize them?
It is known that on June 23, at the meeting of the beach, the meeting was attended by Jamaat-e-Islami leader Naib Ameer AHM Obaidullah, city’s student wing president Rafiqul Hasan Lodi and general secretary Imranul Haque. AHM Obaidullah is the former central president of Chhatrashibir. Many other leaders and activists of the city’s Shibir were present in the event named after Eid Re-Tamil.
There are 16 police stations in the metropolitan city It is learned that the number of Shibir organizational police stations is 32. They have their full committee in each thana. These committees were formally formed every year. As a result, after the Awami League came to power in 2009, Jamaat-e-Islami and Chhatrashibir, who are in the worst position, are now defending their own strategies without looking at the BNP.
A source in Jamaat said Jamaat’s activists suspected that the upcoming parliamentary elections would be fair. Apart from this, campaigning in the name of Jamaat may also have to be speeded up. As a result, they have now set new strategies to win the Jamaat candidate in the election. They are now actively engaged with the activities of the Chhatra League and Jubo League to build credibility.
Many Shibir leaders said on condition of anonymity: Shibir and Jamaat’s activists did not want to add any new sabotage before the next election. Because there are fears of getting involved in a new case. But after the announcement of the election schedule, they are ready to make their respective candidates active in the electoral areas. Although there is no direct ground in the field, they have been active in the activities of anti-government activities through the use of safe road and quota movements.


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