Sheikh Hasina should be brought to power again for development – Shipping Minister Shajahan Khan


Chittagong bureau:
Shipping Minister Shajahan Khan has said that Sheikh Hasina’s politics is the politics of development and Khaleda Zia’s politics is the politics of destruction, the burning of the politics of killing people. This politics will not run in Bangladesh. BNP-Jamaat, the party of Mahapapir, can not continue the state power with the sinners party, Sheikh Hasina will be brought back to power for the development of the country. He urged Khaleda Zia to form a special tribunal for the trial of the killers.
Shipping Minister Shajahan Khan was the chief guest at a check of Tk 352.62 crore for the compensation of the land acquired for the non-terminal land acquired on Tuesday afternoon. On this occasion Bandar Chairman Kamdor Zulfiqar Aziz presided over the function at Radisson Blue Estuary. City Mayor AHM Nasir Uddin, Member of Parliamentary Committee on the Ministry of Shipping M Abdul Latif, CDA Chairman Abdus Salam, Deputy Commissioner Ilias Hossain and Chittagong Chamber President Mahbubul Alam were the special guests. The shipping minister said, BNP is afraid of elections. So, looking for a way to escape Because, when you come to the field, it is necessary to answer the car burning, killing people. Khaleda Zia wanted to come to power by burning people. He knows the lies of the people of his lies. Under his leadership, petrol bomb attacks were launched in 2015. If you come to the field then you will have to answer these. Thousands of war criminals, war criminals, Bangla brothers do not want to see the power of the people. So Sheikh Hasina has to be brought to power. Not for Sheikh Hasina, not for Awami League but for the country. People of this country will have to bring Sheikh Hasina back to power. Therefore, the candidate who will be the candidate of Sheikh Hasina in the next election will have to be elected.
Referring to Sheikh Hasina’s courage like Bangabandhu, Shajahan Khan said that he loves people of the country. Prime Minister is doing Padma Bridge The BNP leader said, ‘The bridge is being done with a patchwork. I hope the BNP leaders and workers will not go to the southern part of this bridge. He will make alternative arrangements for you. “He said, the heart of Chittagong port economy, it has to be made more activated. Sheikh Hasina has directed the development of various ports including the Chittagong Port, for development of various ports.
Shipping Minister Shajahan Khan later handed over the check for the compensation of land owned by the deputy commissioner Ilias Hossain. This money is given for land owned by 66 decimal 85 acres.
City Mayor AHM Nasir Uddin said that the people of Chittagong had long been demanding, construction of non-terminal It is today seeing the face of light. The capacity of the port is running out. Bay-terminal eliminates the crisis. He said the next election is not for Awami League or for the country’s ordeal.
Special guest MP M Abdul Latif said, “Today is Eid day for businessmen, Bay terminal is for businessmen. Each terminal has a port The navy’s success in the government is much more than the construction of three terminals, heavy machinery collection. I had been in the capacity of Chittagong port for 25 years. The development of the port was not long, which ordinary people even the politicians did not realize. He said, those who think economics without ports, the fools live in heaven. The main condition of the business is time. Being pigeon harbor A deep seaport in Matarbari is going on.
CDA chairman Abdous Salam said, “Bay-terminal is actually going to be transforming into the value of the land through check handover.” We were in a panic. The port will have twice the capacity for five years. So the need for the Bay terminal. It is proven today that the government of Janataree Sheikh Hasina believes in the work.
Chamber President Mahbubul Alam said, Bay-Terminal is the milestone for the economy of Bangladesh. This is a memorable day for the country. Second unit of Chittagong Port Bay Terminal Parliamentarian MA Latif’s brainy terminal. There is no alternative to b-terminals to climb the economy.
Commander Zulfiqur Aziz, Chairman of the Port Authority, welcomed the welcome speech, said the port center of the country’s economy. Three terminals include 19 jetties, four dolphin jets for oil. He said, there will be initially 5 lakh container handling in the Bay terminal. It will gradually increase to 30 million. This will reduce the average position of the ship. Building traffic-free cities will be easy. The port earnings will increase. Terming the terminal program in mid-2019, he said.



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