China-Pakistan, unanimous friendship message, Imran’s message



MT International desk: Pakistan has held a high level meeting with all-time  friends in China. After the new government came to power in Pakistan, Beijing-China Corridor (CEPC) went one step further. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with Prime Minister Imran Khan on a three-day visit to Dhaka on Friday. It has been learned that Imran Khan, in discussions with Chinese Foreign Minister about various issues to implement the $ 5 billion SIPEK project. After the meeting, Imran said that the basis of Pakistan’s foreign policy is China. Pakistan wants to move on shoulder shoulders with a friend of five decades. So Imran Khan has promised all kinds of help to implement SIPC. The newly sworn Pakistan Prime Minister’s statement said that the two countries will benefit mutually from the project. Pakistan’s economy will be tilted, especially in Islamabad: Arif Alvi, newly sworn in the post of Pakistan President, said Pakistan’s national policy to maintain friendship with China For five decades, the two countries have maintained friendship. The same message has been issued by Beijing. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang said there will be no future changes in diplomacy with Pakistan. Beijing is hoping that the new Pakistani government will walk on that path. Imran Khan’s positive attitude about the Sipak is naturally uncomfortable to New Delhi


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