Alastair Cook, who scored a century in the last innings of the outgoing Test debut,


Munirul islam pervez/sports reporter:

Before retiring from international cricket, Alastair Cook made a unique contribution to his century in the last innings of his Test debut. Through this, the English opener made his debut as the fifth player in Test history and his outstanding debut in the outgoing Test Century.

The former England captain is now the fifth highest run-getter in Test history behind Sri Lankan great Kumar Sangakkara as well as his career-best 33rd Test century.

Cook is now the highest run-getter among the left-handers. He also holds the record for highest runs, a Test match (159), highest run-scorer for England and the record for most English players in England.

There are more than a century in Test opener, only former Indian captain Sunil Gavaskar (33). Cook has scored two centuries in three numbers.

Cook, who made his Test debut in 2006, scored his 33rd century in almost eight months after winning the last 32st century in December 2017. Cook

In fact, Cook played his Test debut against India and got a hundred in that match. Cook is named as the fifth batsman in Test history to score a century in the first and final Test match. The rest of the players, who have scored centuries in their first and last Tests, are Greg Chappell, Regi Duff, Mohammad Azharuddin and William Ponsford. In the 2000 series against South Africa, former India captain Mohammad Azharuddin

Surprisingly, Cook made his half century in the first innings of his debut innings in Nagpur and India in the second innings in 2006, and scored a century in the second innings. The trophy against the same opponent of debut and debutant Test is the name of the legendary batsman Regi Duff and William Ponsford (both of England’s opponents).

Cook is more than any player in Test cricket for England and Cook is now the owner of the century. Ever since his century, every run of his runs has caused clapping of the spectators. After getting the century, standing the entire stadium and honoring this living legend. His name is also called singers in song.

The left-handed batsman got half-century (71) in the first innings of the fifth and final Test against India at Oval on Monday (September 10th). On the fourth day of the match when Cook was run out for 161th Test match in the second innings, 46 runs The 210th ball to pick up the 33rd Century.

Three o’clock in a day, standing in the oak, Once he took the half-century, through which the Test batting average has crossed 45.

Once again Cook was 76, when he was the owner of the fifth highest score in Test history than Sangakkara (12,400). The other four are: Sachin Tendulkar (15,921), Ricky Ponting (13,378), Jacques Kallis (13.289) and Rahul Dravid (13,288).

Then for the third time Cook reached the milestone of a century in the last innings. After reaching 97 for one, Jupiter Bumahara was dismissed in the non-striking end, when the thunderbolt was over, and Cook was run on 5 in 1 run. The Oval broke in a cluttering clutter

It is to be noted that the great Don Bradman, who missed his career in the last Test innings in London, did not give up his career average 100. The great English great Cook has created all the unique achievements on that field.

Cook is now in possession of all the possible records by batting for England in Test cricket. Most Test matches (161) have a record. After the debut, after 19 runs in two innings in the second Test, he could not get out of the stomach in the third Test, although he represented England in 159 matches. This is also a record.

Cook has been out of form for the past two years. Yet, at the age of 33, many people expressed frustration at declaring the farewell to cricket. England will have to re-think the opening pair with their opening pair. What is the dependence of the openers and the English?

Although there is a question about his latest form, the last match came in the form of his old appearance of Cook. The four matches of the series, which could not be found, the cook came out with so much confidence in the last match that there is no way the batsmen suffer from a long run.

Owl was the last man to play in the field with his bat, he appeared in his old-fashioned look, made a lot of drawings in the record books and kept the last match of the classic ‘Cook’ with the cricket fans. Such a spectacular batting Test will not give doubt to the fans who will give a lot of separation.


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