Agrabad Access Road has many high abandoned houses on the ground floor


Chittagong bureau:
Due to tidal water the ground floor of Agrabad Access Road in the city has been abandoned. To get downstairs, residents have to climb up to the bottom of the water. They have to stay within 15 days of this month.
Yesterday, around 2.30pm, there was a walk in the ground floor of the building on the other side of the road. The lighthouse residential building in this area No house can be found in the ground floor of the Bayparipara Mosque, from the side of the road to the Barapul. There are several multi-storied buildings that are built at the time of construction. Because of which they are free from tide water.
Not only on the side of the road, within a long distance the houses of the house were swamped in tidal waters. Tides of water are increasing day by day for the last two years. Before two feet of water was raised, now the water is going up four feet. Where the knee water is lifted, the waistpani is rising.
Amjad Hossain, a businessman of Gulbag area, told that 15 days of tidal water became more. At that time, the house adjacent to the Access Road was swamped in waist water. He also said that after making the road four feet high to survive the tidal waters, many people have temporarily managed to make bamboo shovels for the convenience of entering the house. When tidal water rises, the residents of the upper floors cross the river, but the sufferings of the residents of Nichtala have become paramount.
Many residents of Shantibagh and Beparipara said that due to water many people do not live in the ground floor. Many of the owners rented the house elsewhere in the city. The caretaker left, they are looking after the house.
Furniture businessman Rakib Ul Amin resident of Halishahar block said, the furniture shops beside the access road were developed very well planned. Furniture shops fell down on the streets. Their business has flourished for a long time in development work. The show is broken due to falling down the road. Due to the inert drainage system, the water in the water when the tide is in the water. With plenty of dirt – garbage.
He said the project of tens of thousands of rupees is underway to protect the city from tidal water. If this project is stopped due to water logging and tidal water, then what is the need to raise the road? What will happen to those houses that are falling down on the roads in both sides of the Access Road? The new can not be broken. So every house will be abandoned?
City Mayor AHM Nasir Uddin said in a roundtable meeting organized at Purbkon office on Saturday that the project of tens of thousands of rupees to stop water logging and tidal water has been passed a lot later. Long before that, the development of the road has begun, which is going on in full swing.
So now, what is the way to answer this question, Deputy University Vice-Chancellor Professor M Ali Ashraf said, “There is a way to wait for the time being in trouble.” Because, if the water closes after the project is completed after the completion of the work of thousands of taka after the canal recovery and the completion of the project, then it is good. Otherwise, water will be removed or any kind of action should be taken. He advised the landlords of the area to wait patiently until the end of the work by being patient.
In the meantime, development works for Agrabad Access Road from Agrabad Badamtali to Barapul at the cost of 50 crore taka. Under the project, construction of RCC drains and sidewalks on both sides of the road will be constructed, in the middle of the street, the construction of two meter width and the LED will be installed. This development work has started from December 2017. The end of the work is in May of 2019.



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