LNG is growing three times, the electricity and fertilizer factory is going on


chittagong bureau:

Karnaphuli Gas Distribution Company Ltd (KGDCL) had supplied gas to the household by shutting down the power plants and fertilizer factories in Chittagong due to the gas crisis. Now the increase of gas from the LNG (liquidated natural gas) is increased by 100 to 300 million, as the industry continues to increase, the housing pressure is also increasing.Chittagong will enjoy this facility on Monday (September 10th).
According to KGDCL sources, the floating storage regulation unit located on the coast of Moheshkhali Island is being extended to three times by LNG on Monday. The 100 million cubic feet gas was being supplied from the floating LNG terminal. From Monday onwards, it has been increased to three-fold (300 million).
Petrobangla officials said Sunday (09 September) a Mother Vassel (bigger ship) from Qatar, carrying 1,33,000 cubic meters of LNG on Qatar’s Maasarkhali islands on the Matarbari coast. Two more ships left from Qatar with LNG
According to sources, due to the absence of gas, electricity production in Shikalbaha 225 MW power station was stopped. KGDCL will provide 35 million cubic feet of gas to the power plant after the launch of LNG. Since then, electricity has started again in this center. On Sunday (September 9th) this power plant of Shikalbaha 225 MW capacity has generated 205 megawatts of electricity.
KGDCL has started supplying gas from the Raujan thermal power plant, which has long been closed since Sunday. On Sunday, gas has been given to the power plant at 45 million cubic feet. If there is a gradual rise in gas pressure, then about 180 megawatts of electricity will be available from this plant.
KGDCL’s General Manager (Operations) Engineer Manjurul Haque said the gas supply has increased since the arrival of new LNG engines in Chittagong. Although initially increased by 100 million, three times more than 300 million increase from Monday. As a result, power and fertilizer will be fully operational.


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