Tourists’ pitch at Sitakundu Guliyakhali beach Surf the waves of the ocean



Chittagong bureau:
It’s filled with a lot of fun here. Goliyakhali sea beach is much more beautiful than I thought. Oops! What a big wave! The ocean will break down everything in the sea! And when the waves come to the end of the green forest. I do not know the language to describe the green-green forest of this forest. In all, Sitakunda Muradpur Union’s Guliyakhali beach was nice. The students of the Dhaka College student came to visit from Sonargaon. Ershad Ullah On Friday morning, he came to Sitakunda for this sea beach philosophy from Dhaka. With 5 more partners. They are, Md. Jasim, Aklima, Farhad, Anwar and pearl They’re classmates. Ershad said, we are traveling thirsty people. Get out of the opportunity when you get the opportunity. They had already visited different areas of Cox’s Bazar, Bandarban, Sylhet and Mymensingh. There was a plan to see a new place. In the meantime, friends from the internet know that Sitakunda Guliyakhali beach is a wonderful tourist spot. They came here after confirming more inquiries. This team md. Jasim said there was a lot to learn about the countryside. Experiences about the new environment. So enjoy the tour well. Now there is much experience in the Guliyakhali beach of Sitakura Muradpur village. He said, “We have come to Sitakunda on a train from Dhaka to Dhaka and we have come here. Then, talking to the locals, Sitakunda Sadar Sadar from the market of the CNG auto rickshaw straight to the Guliyakhali Sea. Jasim said that there were many doubts before coming here. How would the place be? But I did not make mistakes. Really worth it. Excellent environmentally beautiful one. It is just a few kilometers away from the highway. But it is enjoyable for people who are looking for rural nature in the form of travel. Together I finished a good tour. Their companion said that the journalist identified the situation and said that such an environment is not very pleasant. We are told to stay in Dhaka’s garbage. It was filled with a mindfulness for a day. After many days I heard the birds of many birds. On the way to the sea passing through the sea, a boatman went on a sigh, ‘Ore blue dariya’! Believe it in this environment, I can not say that the song looks so nice. But, singing in singing, he went out from the canal to the sea and reached out to the sea. His music is the melody of all of us! Pearl said there is no sand chars here. Green Kawara Forest reaches the end of the sea. This forest is so green and vibrant that all the people will be fascinated by the look of nature. Moreover, there is an impossible silence on this sea shore. In all, the atmosphere is amazing. He said, if the government has planned this tourism spot, then it will be able to form one of the biggest tourist spots in the country. Meanwhile, there are many more tourists visiting Ghuliyakhali Sea peaks visiting here. Someone came from Chittagong, some people of Feni and Comilla. There are more people in different areas, young people, students, and people of different types of profession. Student of Eleven Science Department of Cadet College resident of Comilla Miyabazar area. Ekram Hossain said that he had already planned to listen to Gulabkhali Sea through internet. I did not make a mistake when I came with my friend Sahed. He said the waves of the stormy waves and the green nature is the main attraction of this tourism spot! What can be done without being impressed? But the rate at which tourists are coming up, the safety and good quality hotels are not yet built on this sea. If the administration and local representatives give a little attention to this, those who come from far away will be able to end their journey with ease. Now, if you want to eat something good, it is going to sit in Sitakura-municipal market several kilometers a few kilometers away. There are two small shops in the sea. There is no better lunch arrangement. Tourists will be disappointed if they are not relevant. However, locals also agreed with them. Gulistankhali village dweller Anis and Md. Jain Alam said that there are so many tourists coming here that we have never imagined. As the security system was weak, all the 6 tourists were robbed. Asked about this, Chairman of Muradpur union council. Jahid Hossain Nizami Babu said, “It is a great spot to be visited because of a lot of tourists coming.” He said the tourists are increasing day by day. Some of the scams of this opportunity want to steal and steal. They also dealt a few different isolated incidents. But after getting the news, the police are regularly monitoring the security measures. As a result, no new events occurred. I also employed the choukidar and used the people of the area to strengthen tourists security.



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