Discharged machine for 5 years Germs spreading on the bed at Chittagong medical colllegeHospital


Chittagong bureau:

The bed of chittagong Medical College (Chemek) Hospital is not sterilized. Rather than spreading the seeds, the germs are spreading. Hospital boilers and cloth germination and drying machines have been damaged for almost five years. So the bed sheets are not free after washing. The only sunlight to hope for drying If there is rain in the ward, then it is tried to dry the bed sheet by hanging with the grill of the verandah. And those grills are filled with spit, drinking peak and patient rubbish. Instead, the bacteria are added more than the bedsheets, which are very risky for the patients.
Hospital authorities say that the boiler machine could not be run due to lack of gas. And the Karnaphuli gas authorities say that the hospital never told not to get gas.
Hospital sources said that the capacity of this washing plant made for 513 bed hospital was not extended. Currently there are approved beds in this hospital 1313. And the average patient is filled with about three thousand. One bed sheet for each patient is given, but about three thousand bed sheets washed daily. Every day 700 to 800 bed sheets are washed. But there is no open place to dry so much clothes. There are several illegal houses attached to the washing plant. There is a scope to evict the illegal homestead and set up a large washing plant. But due to lack of initiative it is not.
Out of respect, the boiler, washing machine and cloth machine for smoking bed sheets of patients in Chamek Hospital, among which the boilers and the germination machine are damaged. The two machines are very rigged. The concerned people said that the repair of these machines has been ineligible. However, two washing machines are being run patchwork. These machines fall into a lot of time by drilling Saban water. The semi-drying machine is also shaky. On the other hand, ordinary patients do not get enough bed sheet. Especially since the lobbying does not suit the bed sheet till noon. The relatives of the patient were forced to buy at a higher price from the nearby shops.
The concerned people said that after establishing the hospital, the washing plant was set up to wash the clothes of the patient and operation theater. Here the clothes are washed through two washing machines. After washing the wash, the steam flow from the boiler was carried out in the washing machine. The clothes are well cleaned. Washing machines are kept in another machine with washable clothes. Water was removed from the machine by pressing the cloth. Then the clothes became semi-dry. Then it was taken on a machine in the name of Kailera. Steam flow from boiler is also made on the machine. There are bed sheets. Steam cloth is free of life, as well as dry. But the machine is damaged. So now the only hope for drying the bed sheet is sunshine. If the rain falls, then the bed sheet is not dry. Even after sleeping in the hospital, the clothes used in the hospital are not life-free.
It is known that the boiler machine is run through gas. Since 2008, Karnaphuli Gas Company Ltd. Here gas supply has stopped. But for not breaking the line, the minimum gas bill of 12 thousand rupees was deposited every month.
Deputy Director of Chittagong Medical College (Chemek) Hospital Akhtarul Islam, the repair of the machine has become ineligible. Due to lack of gas supply, new machines are not available. So no project to set up a new boiler machine was sent to the ministry. However, Karnaphuli Gas Company said that when LNG supply starts, they will provide necessary gas to the hospital’s washing plant. Currently LNG is being supplied to Chittagong city. Still, why not solve the problem – he said, he does not know the issue of LNG coming.
Due to not drying on the machine, the bed sheet admitted to not being free, said that the hospital authorities are not responsible for this. When the Karnaphuli Gas Distribution Company provided gas, there was an opportunity to take steps to solve the problem. He said that now the clothes are being washed by the contractor. The bedsheets are being washed in the hospital’s own washing machine. He said, the hospital needs the automatic system-equipped heavy duty washing machine, which will wash all bed sheets and surgery procedures used by hospital patients. This plant may cost one to two and a half million taka.
KGDCL Manager (Customer Maintenance) Anupam Dutt said, “If they do not get gas, then why would they pay the bills?” But there was a shortage of gas in the truth for a while. That does not mean that the hospital’s boiler machine should be closed. The hospital is served on priority basis. Terming the statement of the director of Chamek Hospital is not correct, he said KGDCL always provides services to the premiership of Chamkel Hospital. Hospital hospitals are not getting gas and they have never complained that the boiler machine is closed due to lack of gas. Besides, LNG has come since 18th August. Now there is no shortage of gas. He questioned why they are not talking about gas yet.



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