Two thieves killed in Rauzane massacre



Chittagong bureau:
The two thieves who came to steal in Rauzane were killed in the throats. This incident happened at the village of Unsantarpara in Pahartoli union of the upazila on Friday night. Police received a revolver and a domestic made piping from the waist of two thieves. The deceased were identified as the son of late Hamdu Mia of Khanpara in the same union. Moktar (28) and Saiful Islam (27), son of Kalu Mia of the same area. The two thieves have been victimized for stealing just half a kilometer away from their home.
Locals and police said that both the killed are identified thieves in the area. Yaba against them, cases of theft, fights and allegations. In the meantime, they have come out of jail in jail several times. Ameer Hossain, member of Ward No. 3 of Pahartali UP, said, “In the morning (Thursday night) on Thursday (Thursday night), 4-5 of their associate thief Uanshatarpura Bhupole Chowdhury entered the Shyamal Das house of the house and steals two mobile phones. Then they tried to enter the house of Shahjal Alam and neighboring Siraj Colony’s tenant Adinath Das and entered the house. At that time, the people of Awami League’s house stolen from Bhopal Chowdhury shouted as thieves thief. The businessman Shah Alam and his neighbor Adinath Das’s family also shouted at the thieves. At one stage the people of the area and surrounding areas came and arrested two thieves. Shilpi Dash, wife of businessman Shah Alam Zuma Akhtar and wife of Adinath Das of neighboring area, said, “When the people of the area started shouting after breaking the door of our house, we also shouted as a thief thief. After the people chased them, the two thieves fell into the pond next to them. Local people and eyewitnesses said that hundreds of people took two thieves to death in the nearby Gourashankar area of ​​Ward no 3 in the area to beat them with lathisota, trees and whatever they have. The crowd gathered around the market shed with a rugged pillar and the crowd beat several of them with several rounds. They died on the spot. “Locals said some of them threw chillies in the eyes of thieves. The chillies were lying on the spot. Local angry crowds cut off Muktar’s hair in the thieves.
Gourashankar Haat tea shopkeeper said. Eidrich’s son witnessed the college. The king said, “Many people saw two thieves detained with their hands, trees, and latticea. I saw their movement up to 8 in the morning. Ratan Banik, proprietor of the shop, etc., said, “When I came to the shop at seven in the morning, I saw that 50-100 people brought two burglars to Gourashankar Hat market. Kamrul Islam, a member of ward number 2, said, “After four o’clock in the morning, a boy from the house of Unonsarpara Bhopal Chowdhury called me, a thief has entered us, we have caught both of us. Then I told him, he tied the knot and informed the police. Then he took two chor to Gourashankar. Then came to the market and found that the bodies of both of them were tied with a packed pillar of market shed. Later, police told the police. The police came to the spot around 11:30 am after the incident. Officer-in-Charge of the police station KPayet Ullah came after 12 o’clock. He said that after rescuing from the condition of market shader pillar, a revolver from the back of the moktar and domestic pipelines were found from the waist.
OC said, he found a case against Saiful, a robbery case against Yuba, theft, and the complainant. Meanwhile, Saiful has received information initially twice, Moktar was also jailed. In addition, people have been detained several times for theft of them. They are professional thieves and drug addicts. They also enjoy yaba, heroin, wine, and various types of Nesajat products. Pahartali UP chairman Rokon Uddin said, “Pansattira’s number 3 ward of Pahartali area was disturbed due to stealing almost daily in different areas. People were alert to catch them. Some areas also guard. When the people of the area gathered at around 4:00 am on Friday, the people of the area gathered and killed two thieves. “Police said the dead bodies of two dead were recovered. Police have taken the process of sending the bodies to the morgue for autopsy. At noon, Raujan-Rangunia Circle ASP Jahangir Alam came to visit the venue. Inspecting the site, it is seen that among the dead, wearing jeans pants and flower shirts was wearing a pair of safflas. Chill is a gold color chain in the neck And in the case of Muktar, there were three quartets of pants and hafahata ganjee. In the face of Moktar, in the left hand, the legs were fluttering. Both of them were injured in the whole body. Meanwhile, the house of the deceased was half a kilometer away, but none of the families of the two people came to the spot. “Inspector of Police Sub-Inspector Mohsin Reza said,” None of the families of the deceased contacted the police till 8pm on Friday. The body has been sent for autopsy.



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