The injured Tamim-Shanta’s backup Mominul ‘Shakib team will play’



Munirul islam pervez/sports reporter:
Shakib Al Hasan in the discussion before the Asia Cup. There is a fight for the continental extravaganza, but this allrounder’s game has brought about a skeptical cloud. In the speech of the chief selector Minhajul Abedin Nannur, In the Asia Cup, the 16 people of Bangladesh are now in the cup. On Thursday, 15 people have been added to the leader Mominul Haque The left-handed batsman has been reborn from the game after Shakib’s game. Then Shakib’s backup was taken as a muminulake? More questions have been cleared on Friday with the chief selector. Nannu’s statement about Shakib’s injury, ‘did not get any such bad report from Fiji. Since Fiji is saying 100% fit, then there is no problem. “So, is Bangladesh practicing Shakib in Asia Cup? The clear answer to the chief selector, ‘Of course, the team management plan with Shakib is planning. That’s why he is in the team. “Though Shakib is not prepared for the Asia Cup. He is now on vacation in America, from there directly to join the United Arab Emirates team. Nannu hopes to get the entire team in the competition, “There is no news on Shakib issue. He will go to the surgery – there are many things about this. We did not receive any updates from the doctor. We know he’s fit to play. Hope he can play in the whole tournament.
Then the reason to add to the muminulake? The chief selector explained, “Mominul has been taken into account because (Nazmul Hossain) there is little pain in the finger of peace. It may take five days to be fully fit. And Tamim Iqbal also has an old pain, that is also the finger. There is no problem in the reports received from Fiji. “If there is a problem during the tournament, if there is a problem before the start of the tournament, then there may be additional players as a backup. Take Mominul as he is. ‘Finger has a jerked Bangladesh. After Shakib Tamim and the problem of peace are finger. Although Nannu is seeing the issue in this way, ‘It’s not a problem (Tamim-Shanti problem), Fiji says it’s all right. We have a backup player, which is this. If there is a problem again after the pain of calm hand, taking Mominul out of that thought. In the team management, the injury has naturally impacted the start of the Asia Cup. Though confidently, Nannu said, ‘We are thinking about our whole team. It’s part of the game, the injuries can come. There is no such bad news in our Fiji report. Their recovery is being done. We are very confident as well, hopefully we will do well in the tournament. ”
Talking about Tamim’s partner in the opening pair, he said, “We have no such thinking. Fiji, the report of the trainee to us, the whole team is 100% fit. Everyone is confident.
A big tournament, the team is going to play in the Asia Cup. If we can win the first match well, then we will go a long way. “When Mithun asked about batting, he said, ‘It is the decision of the entire team management, these decisions will be taken there. It will not be decided here. The team will go there, practice it for four days. Then it will be seen. “


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