India-Pakistan partner Hong Kong in Asia Cup



Sports reporter:
Only 9 days after the inauguration of the Asia Cup in the United Arab Emirates in the United Arab Emirates Prior to Thursday (September 6th), the qualifying contest was completed. Hong Kong, after passing the test, got the opportunity to play in the main event of the tournament.

The United Arab Emirates can not play in the tournament organized in their own country. In the final of the sorting phase, the hosts lost dramatically at the last minute in a match against Hong Kong. In the match held in Malaysia, three balls left, they lost by two wickets in Duckworth and Lewis method.

In this rain-interrupted match, in Kuala Lumpur, the United Arab Emirates scored 176 runs for 9 wickets in 24 overs. But in the Duckworth and Lewis system, the target of 179 runs in 24 overs, Hong Kong

Earlier, opener Ashfaq Ahmed presented an extraordinary innings for the UAE. His bat came from 51 runs in 79 balls with 9 fours. None of the rest of the people could do so well. The second highest 22 runs came from Shaam Anwar’s bat

Hong Kong’s best bowler Aizaz Khan took 5 wickets for 28 runs. Besides, Nadim Ahmed took 3 wickets.

Hong Kong started well with 179 runs Opener Nayakat Khan scored 38 runs off 20 balls. Christopher Carter (33), Ehsan Khan (29) and Anshuman Rath (28) were run out. Hong Kong, after losing 14 wickets at one stage, lost seven wickets.

Scott McKen and Tanvir Afzal took the lead in the match at the stage of the match. Eventually, the rain saved them.

The result of this win is the partner of India and Pakistan in Group ‘A’, Hong Kong The Asia Cup will be screened on September 15 by matches between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.


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