Distribution of relief materials among fire-related families in the fire at Ashkardighi



Chittagong bureau:
In the morning, on Friday (Friday), cash and relief materials were distributed among the families of Loknath temple and the fire victims at the adjoining area, jointly organized by Janmastami Udjapan Parishad Central Committee, Metropolitan Puja Udjapan Parishad and International Society of Loknath (Islamoch).
Former central president of Janmastami Parishad and Raozan municipal mayor Debashish Palit, former general secretary Tapan Kanti Das, Chandan Talukder, general secretary Bimal Kanti Dey, Vice-president Sadan Dhar, Lion Dulal Chandra Dey, president of the Metropolitan Puja Parishad freedom fighter Arvind Pal Arun, joint secretary of Janmastami Parishad Lion Ashish Kumar Bhattacharya, engineer Ashutosh Das, Lion Dilip Kumar Ghosh, Chandan Dey, general secretary of isaloka engage in greater Chittagong district œ akara tunu Das, General Secretary of the Metropolitan Council of worship Sujit Das, council leader Ratan Acharya, Khastagir delight.


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