Captain Neymar won the Brazil


Munirul islam pervez/sports reporter:

Neymar, who took charge of Brazil’s team permanently at the right time of the match, Captain Neymar led the team in front of the team. Roberto Ferrimino gave it along.

Russia disappoints disappointment from the World Cup, as well as criticism of Neymar. After all, behind the World Cup, the United States got the first win after their World Cup win and won a great win. Five-time world champions

During the Bangladesh time, on Saturday morning, the team lost to the United States 2-0 in the friendly match at the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. Brazil have kept the opposition under pressure from the start of the match. With this pressure, Neymar’s team scored a goal in the eleventh minute.

From the right side of the field, Dracula did not make any mistake in sending the ball to the cross with a great cross-ball. However, Brazil went on to score goals even after several goals.

Neymar and Fabieno have a great chance at the 39th minute of the match. Neymar, however, doubled the gap in the successful spot in the 43rd minute. Brazil breaks ahead

In the first half, the hosts did not do anything but could do anything in the second half. The Brazilian goalkeeper Alison, in the 72nd minute, tried to send a trap ball to the ball in the long-ball, but he jumped on the right.

The coach picked up Neymar-Koutinio-Ferimino at the end of the match. After that, however, the gap did not increase. Sambara leave the field with 2-0 win




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