Akbar Shah BNP leader including former councilor arrested


Chittagong bureau:

Akbar Shah Police Station president in Chittagong, former councilor Abdus Sattar Selim, vice-president Shahid Ullah Bhuiyan and organizing secretary Golam Kibria Gulap were arrested.Police said they were arrested from their respective homes at 3pm on Thursday.

Akbarshah Police Station Officer-in-Charge Jasim Uddin said three persons, including the former commissioner and the leader of the Thana BNP, were arrested after a raid in Kattli area. There are some old cases against them. There will be new cases.

Meanwhile, Metropolitan BNP leaders said that Akbar Shah Police has arrested police from their respective houses without any kind of arrest warrant without any reason.

BNP Standing Committee Member Amir Khasru Mahmud Chowdhury, Vice Chairman M. Morshed Khan, Mir Mohammad Nasir Uddin, Chittagong City BNP President Dr Shahadat Hossain, General Secretary Abul Hashem Bakker, Senior Assistant President Abu Sufian

In a joint statement Friday, on Friday, 7 September, expressing deep concern over the continuous arrest of leaders and activists of the opposition parties, the leaders said that the present unqualified government has lost the confidence of the people and has repeatedly been fooling around to be in power. Attacking the activists and torturing the people by torturing them.

Akbar Shah police chiefs were arrested in the continuation of the arrest of opposition leaders and activists across the country. Opposition activists are being attacked and arrested for the purpose of continuing the ongoing movement to release Begum Khaleda Zia’s condition and to revive democracy. But the government will not be able to get rid of the anger of the people like this, and will not be able to halt the liberation movement of the country. “The leaders immediately took the arrest of Akbar Shah Police Station President Abdus Sattar Selim, Vice President Shahid Ullah Bhuiyan and organizing secretary Golam Kibria Gulapak, The demand for the release of the conditions demanded the release.

Meanwhile, Chittagong Metropolitan BNP organizing secretary Manjur Alam Chowdhury Manzu, senior vice-president of Akbar Shah Police Station, Ayub Khan, general secretary Mainuddin Chowdhury Maenu, 10, North Kattli Ward BNP President Commander Shahab Uddin, General Secretary Abbas Rashid, No 9 North Pahartali ward BNP President Jamir Ahmed, General Secretary Bibura Rahman Chowdhury leaders condemned and protested.



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