Work with sincerity: PM The journey started by Akashbina of the latest technology


Staff reporter:
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said that the national Boeing 787 Dream liner aircraft will launch ‘Aakashbina’ and make it cordial for its employees. At Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at the Shahjalal International Airport, the Prime Minister said to the pilots, “I want everyone working with the aircraft to work with sincerity. It is not a bad name. Our country is well-known. Because, when a foreigner arrives or goes to the country, who came from exile, they should be quick to get rid of them, they can go away faster.
The number of aircraft in the fleet of Airbus Aakashjana, with the latest technology of the world, stood at 15. Boeing’s aircraft capable of flying continuously for 16 hours; It can fly at 650 miles per hour. The energy cost of Dreaminess is 20 percent less. 10 aircraft including four 787 Dreamliners

Biman Bangladesh Limited signed a $ 2.1 billion deal with US aircraft maker Boeing in 2008. In the meanwhile, the name of Boeing-777 has been named ‘Palanpuri’, ‘Arun Prakash’, ‘Akash Pradhip’, ‘Ranga Pravhat’, ‘Meghdoot’ and Boeing-737 ‘Mayurpankhi’.
Regarding the name of ‘Aashwina’ Dream liner at the VVIP lounge of Shahjalal Airport, the Prime Minister said, whenever the new aircraft arrived, it tried to give it a new name. – bdnews24
The first Dream liner came last month after six flights. The remaining three will be in November and the remaining two will come in September next year. The Prime Minister said that the name of the Dream liner coming in November has been fixed.
The Prime Minister said, we are adding new aircraft; The aircraft can run well. Yoga is very important for a country. We are taking measures to this end. We are specially working to make our airways, railroads, and roadways all inclusive.
14 pilots of Biman training from Singapore to run Dream liner 112 people of engineering department have been trained for maintenance The cabin crew has also been given special training.
There are 271 seats in Akashbina. Of these, business class  247 economy classes. There is a large window with each side of the two sides. At the same time press the window button to control the light.
Dream liner’s business class seats are full flatbed up to 180 degrees, so passengers can travel hilariously.
There are Panasonic’s LED S-monitors in front of each of the planes. There will be nine TV channels, including BBC, CNN, on the monitor. At the same time there will be more than 100 films on the In-Flight Entertainment System (IFE).
The passengers will get Wi-Fi facilities while flying over 43 thousand feet from the Dream liner’s sea level. In addition to the roaming facility on mobile phones, passengers can call during the flight. That’s why the contract with 25 satellites has been done.
General Electric (GE) has created this Dream Linier. Chevron is connected with the engine to reduce the noise of the aircraft. It will control the electric flight system. The 56-foot-high-altitude aircraft is light weight in composite materials.
Aircraft cockpit has innovation; this is a paper aircrafts, where there is a head display. Through this, the pilots will be able to see the information needed by the eyes. It will be connected to the Flight Operation Room in Dhaka via the entire internet.
According to the flight operations engine officials, cockpit, fuel and navigation, all the information can be found. If any problem, they can give the pilot the necessary instructions from Operation Room. For this, the servers have been set up at a cost of Taka 4 crore for the Biman’s head office in Dhaka.
The Prime Minister laid emphasis on security in her speech.
Later, the Prime Minister cut a cake and went inside the new aircraft.
Civil Aviation and Tourism Minister AKM Shahjahan Khan and Secretary of the Ministry Md. Mahibul Haque, Chairman of Biman Board Enamul Bari and Managing Director AM Mosaddek Ahmed spoke.
Enamul Bari presented a replica of Dreamliner to the Prime Minister.


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