The old road in the area has broken down In Ramu



Cox’s Bazar corespondent:
At least 15 houses in East Nunachhari area of ​​Ward No. 6 of Jowaraniala union under Ramu upazila of Cox’s Bazar have disappeared in the river bed. Many more settlements face threat. The old road in the area has broken down. There is no reform initiative. At least 10 thousand people in the area of ​​rainy season increases the tension. The people of Satghariyapara, Haldarpara, Sodagarparha, Southpara, Murpara, Nunachharhi and the people of this area walk through this road. Here is a government primary school.
On the way, the road to the Eastern Nunachhari Government Primary School was seen after Sodagarparara. At least 1 kilometer road road after the main road, after the epicilometer. There is no long-term reform. Through the ‘Parishad’ project of the Union Parishad, some years ago, some people did some work in the show but in reality it was not permanent work. Road bricks have already been built. Some parts of Khankhunda road filled in the river. Uninterrupted road breaks day by day. Walking Responses If there is little rain The breakdown of the road has become such that it reaches the walls of the Puranunachhari Government Primary School. Already the playground of the school has disappeared in the river. At least fifteen houses in one side of the school have already gone to the riverbed. On the way to further settlement The affected people settled in different places.
Belaluddin Joy, president of the local student community and the social organization ‘Youth for Peace and Development (UYPD), said that the only road to their movement has been neglected for a long time. They are suffering because they are not reformed. The situation has not happened so far from the people’s representatives in their area. He quips, and how long will it suffer? There is no leader to hear people’s cry? Locals said that the district administration, upazila administration, local administration and all the people have wished for the betterment of the situation.
Local UP member Mufijur Rahman said, the water increased due to the rain caused by the submerged underwater conditions. Locals got down to save their lives for the sake of their existence. Even though the rocks, sand or bush-jungle, tried to break the road. But in the adjacent canals, panic increases, poor people of the rural population
Jowaraniala UP chairman Kamal Shamsuddin Ahmed Prince said that the lack of adequate government allocation could not be reformed. For this reason residents of this town have been suffering for a long time. He wants the light of public interest to reduce the glow of the public.


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