The construction of the City Outer Ring Road 70 percent of the project has been completed


Chittagong bureau:

The construction of city outer ring road, one of the biggest projects in the city, is to be finished. Meanwhile, 70 percent of the project has been completed. According to the CDA, the project will be completed in 2019. 17 kms from Patenga to Fauzdarhat The estimated cost of the City Outer Ring Road project in length is Tk 2,500 crore.
The project has been taken to protect the sea level area and to develop alternative road system. To protect the flood surge, work on the construction of a 100 feet wide road on the dam to protect the 30-feet high coast. This dam has a strong web-protection wall with 11 sluts gate. A provision of Pitter Road with Patenga RAB-7 Road, Port Toll Road and Sagarika Road has been arranged to make the city’s main connectivity with main road from Patenga to Faujdarhat. The first double round -about bridge on the head of every feeder road has been arranged.
With the direct connection of this ring road to the CEPZ, the traffic congestion in front of the CEPZ will now end. Besides, thousands of vehicles of Chittagong Port will be able to use the ring road as feeder road. As a result, the traffic congestion of the main city will be greatly reduced.

CDA Chairman Abdus Salam said, “One of Chittagong’s biggest projects is the City Outer Ring Road from Patenga to Faujdarhat. About 70 percent of the project costing Tk 2.5 billion was completed. JICA is 600 crore taka in between Tk 2,500 crore. The rest of the money is governmental. 17 kms from Patenga to Fauzdarhat This ring road is being made in length and 30 feet high. The width of the road is about 100 feet in four lanes. The first purpose of creating this ring road was to protect the area from the tide. Apart from ring roads, the city’s traffic congestion will be greatly reduced.
He said, “After the project is over, more will be added to it. This road tunnel will serve as the approach road. As a result the vehicles of South Chittagong will be able to enter the Dhaka-Chittagong Highway directly through tunnels and ring roads without entering the main city. ‘
About Patenga beach, Abdous Salam said, “There is huge potential for tourism industry due to the sea level of Patenga. 17km 5 kms in the project A world-class tourist center will be built on the streets. Where around 10 thousand tourists will get a chance to roam together. Kids will have kids zones. ‘
Regarding the progress of construction of ring road, the caretaker engineer, Kazi Hasan Bin Shams, said, “From Halishahar to the EPZ, about five km. One layer is carpeting. One more layer will be carpeting. Five kilometers Subfolded. And the rest of the soil finishing work is going on. The work of 11 Svens Gate is almost done and nearly 70 percent of the block works have been completed and Sagarika flyover is underway.
He also said, 17 kilometers from Patenga to Fauzdarhat. The length of the City Outer Ring Road project will cost Tk 2,500 crore. Ring Road in Chittagong has a lot of importance. People used to sit in jam for a long time to come from Chittagong airport to Gais, when the ring road was completed, people would be released from that jam. Besides, Patenga will have a resort area, walkway and adequate car parking facilities for tourists and tourists in the area of ​​five kilometer.


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