Maheshkhali ducker Cremation Zhabaviti is cutting the miscreants, the forest department is silent



Cox bazer corespondent:
The Dhalghata union of Maheshkhali under the supervision of the government is creating jhawal garden in the south of the upazila union. Due to this, a large variety of trees were created in the area of ​​Haksarchar, due to the tremor of the Dhalghata sub-island sea, huge piers were created across the Pasha-Pashi Jhao Garden. But due to the lack of supervision of the concerned people, a class of unscrupulous people used to cut the big gourds of the garden every day. Although the forest department is continuing to cut down the forest department, the local people have said that the local people are unharmed.
Environmentalists have said that this trench garden will be dissolved soon after it does not stop the cultivation of Tang. Many people, including Kashem Hiru, related to the environment, said that the 1991 Dhalghata union collapsed in the sea due to the devastating cyclone, and some villages under the union of the union went underground. Though the government allocated millions of crores of rupees every year for the protection of this union, there was no touch of development. As a result, lot of money was lost in the name of development. With regard to the coastal parabana, the government has been creating parabana every year in the south of Dhalghata. A group of youths led by the leader of the union AL leader Selim Uddin also formed Zawabithi in the area. Due to this Jababithi and Paraban, a huge chaar was created. In this case, the south part of the union is protected from the waves of the sea, but in the western part, due to the absence of the Zhao grove, it is broken even if it is laid down.
It is known that as soon as the afternoon looms, the men and women of the area rushed to the team to watch the beauty of the island in Bawbagan. Besides, during the Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha every year, the tourists are running from different parts of the upazila.
Altaf Uddin, who was in charge of coastal areas, said that the local people’s representatives could not be suppressed due to non-cooperation. Maheshkhali Gorakhghata Forest Department’s coastal forest officer. Habibur Rahman said, I was informed that Dholghata was going to cut Zhabbagan and the local Matarbari Bonobit Officer was ordered to take action.


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