The people of the city are suffering due to the construction of culvert of Dhanialapara



Munirul islam pervez:
The people of the city are suffering due to the construction of culvert on the Nasir Canal in Dhanialapara. At the same time, traffic congestion is a result of both road movement on a road. Accidents occur. Fire service and ambulance travel also has to get the speed. Due to broken roads, the shops around the shops were closed almost.
Since there is no arrangement to inform the road breaking point (road sign), many cars from Kadamtali try to go towards Dewanhat and get stuck in the culvert area. Due to lack of adequate space to drive, many were forced to return to the opposite direction. Turned around, the ground of the street was cut off and left on the street. Because the work was closed for a long time, the soil was filled with weeds. On one side of the road almost two months ago, the traffic was made suitable for any movement, but the other side was kept in the same condition.
Mr. Dhanalapara resident Hanif told, “I have been working in a factory for the construction of a Kamarlu lens of Karnaphuli EPZ. Earlier, buses from Kadamtali to Baitus Sharaf Madrasah would be Dewanhat. But now all EPZ workers in this area have to go to Dewanhat on foot. Because of which many times the bus has to be missed. ‘
Resident of the same area. Farooq said, “Where the roads are in broken and inaccessible condition, there are many bankers, insurance companies, auto parts shops, workshops and lubricants shops. Most of the shops have been closed because of the public roadblock. ”
Hashim Sikder, a resident of Dhanialapara, said that due to broken road, now going to the Kadamtali or elsewhere to get away with the rickshaw is to be doubled in the rickshaw.
It is known that on the north side of Dewanhat, a culvert on Nasir canal was constructed in the last Ramadan month. When constructing the culverts, dams in the middle of the canal, then the waist water will rise in a large part of the adjoining area. The people have to suffer terribly. Many people from the neighborhood have taken Sehri from the shop as the water is in the house. So, after the work on the north side of the canal, the work of culverts on the south side was stopped only after thinking of suffering.
Asked for reasons to stop working, the council of North Pathantuli ward Mohammad Jabed said that work has been stopped due to rainy season. Due to the rains, the water level in Nasir canal is so that it is the responsibility of the dam. There are plenty of water in the neighborhood. Even the dam can not be held. Counselor Javed said that culvert work will be started very soon


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