Messi Magic celebrates 8 goals in Barcelona


Munirul islam pervez/sports reporter:

Barcelona started the new season very well After winning the first two matches in La Liga, Arnesto Valverd’s disciples made the rounds in the third match. The team, who got the new lease of the season, crashed Huesca 8-2. Lionel Messi also led the team with leadership of the team.

Messi and Luis Suarez scored twice in Camp Nou. In addition, a goal was scored by Osman Debele, Ivan Rakitit and Jordi Alba.

Barca on Sunday invited Hugheska to the pugilist house on Sunday. However, Camp Nou’s stadiums made the opponent silent and took the opposition in 3 minutes. Chuo Hernandez scored the goal Barca, however, was too late to return to equality. In the 16th minute, Messi scored the goal 1-1 with the Catalan.

In the 24th minute, George Puldor’s suicide hit Barca. In the 39th minute, Suarez scored the goal and the gap increased further. But Alex Gaier scored the opponent in 42 minutes, but after finishing the first half, Barsha ended up with a 3-2 draw.

Hueška did not get out in the second half of the fight until the break. The monopoly of Barcelona has become unfulfilled. French striker Angel Bale scored a goal in the 48th minute from the break. He saved only one goal in the previous match of Barca.

Four minutes later, the goal was scored in the World Cup in Russia, runner-up, Croatia’s star Rakitich. Messi completed the pair in 61 minutes. This is his fourth goal in the league. In the first match, the Argentine captain scored two goals.

Spanish defender Alba scored in 81 minutes. However, Messi did not go ahead despite the possibility of a hat-trick. When Barca got the extra time in the match, he gave chance to the friend Suarez from there. The Uruguayan star also scored two goals.

If the rest of the game is not a goal, then the winners of the Valverdas leave the field with 8-2 ​​win.Barca has topped the table with nine points from three matches in three games in the league table. Real Madrid have the second place with the same points, Real Madrid.


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