Around 500 employees of Chittagong Court do not wear the prescribed dress



Chittagong bureau:

There is a designated official dress for everyone working in Chittagong court. Judges, lawyers, prosecutors and police members wear these dresses as prescribed. But around 500 employees of Chittagong Court do not obey this rule. They do not wear the prescribed dress. But there are government allowances for each year’s official official dresses. For what reason most court employees do not wear prescribed clothes, it indicates Azadir’s findings.

There are allegations that some of the court employees came to the workplace by the private car. Some have their own homes and flats Some people have raised millions of resources. Advocate Akhter Kabir Chowdhury, general secretary of civil (Sujon) Chittagong, for good governance, said that the Peshkar-process server, starting from the piano of the court, has all the houses – cars, flats. Many of the employees are reluctant to wear government clothes to maintain the fancy in the dress.

In this connection, the complainants alleged that employees of the Chittagong courts have a crisis due to long-term recruitment. In many courts, benches are working as assistants. Because of the Emergency Crisis, externals employed by Peshkar, Seestadar, Nazir and police with government employees in every court work. Most court employees are not accused of wearing prescribed clothes to facilitate identification and work to ensure the safety of outsiders.

According to the court sources, about 500 government employees working in 86 courts in Chittagong. These employees have the rules for wearing the official dresses. But most of the employees without handling do not wear the prescribed dress.

In the investigation, it is known that 86 different courts of Chittagong, seesta, record room, Nezart, Gro branch have more than 500 foreign work. They are known as Umeda in court. It is not the common sight of all the Ummedas to understand that they are exotic The allegation that government employees used to earn money through corruption, irregularities. Employees pay minimum wages of Tk 500 from the daily to the Ummder A practitioner, serstar, has alleged that the police has appointed three to four UMAs on average Gro.

On January 18, a circular issued by the Public Administration Ministry deputy secretary Naima Hossain was issued. In that pamphlet, the prices of official wardrobe and accessories of 16 to 20 grade employees of national pay scale were determined. According to the circular, the distribution of the maximum amount of two and a half thousand rupees in the official clothes of these grade employees is mentioned.

According to the court sources, the administrative officer, nazir, bench assistant, assistant and practitioner, all the employees included in the court include 16 to 20 grades. In this grade, the cashier, cash official, office assistant, deputy assistant, account assistant, typist, assistant record-keeper, judicial attendant, storekeeper, office assistant, process server, reporter, binder, sweeper, nightguard, Malim, Despas Writer, Photocopy There are machine operators. It is compulsory to wear a set of dresses.

President of the Chittagong Judges Employees Association regarding the complaint. Parvez said, “If the designated official dresses are done then many irregularities in the court and corruption will be reduced.” Because of the absence of clothing, many people of the Taut category are getting the opportunity to deceive themselves by identifying themselves as court employees.

He also said, ‘The government has issued a circular but the money has not been allocated. After the allocation of funds, the Nezart branch makes arrangements for apparel by appointing contractors in the rules. Then the employees get the clothes. ‘

Chittagong Judges Employees Association president demanded not to allocate money for the dress. However, on Monday on Monday, the court found that the Chittagong District and Sessions Judge, Chittagong Metropolitan and Sessions Judge and Chief Metropolitan Magistrate’s Court of Chittagong are dressed in prescribed clothing. When the three court employees asked how they were not allocated for the cost of the clothes, the question was ignored by the Chittagong Judges Employees Association president. Parvez

Meanwhile, according to Kafil Uddin Chowdhury, former president of the Chittagong District Bar Association Association, the court officials do not show interest to wear the prescribed clothing to conceal identity. The senior senior lawyer of Chittagong said, “We have arranged for the attorney, the lawyer and the lawyer of the Advocate-Clark to get the identity card and the designated clothes to get the court free from touts. There are clothing arrangements for court employees. Many judges work in the court. They are not court officials. But they said they were the employees of the court. It is seen again that many employees did not know their position, but they introduced themselves to Peshkar, Nazi. They do not wear clothes for their own identity. ‘

He also said that all kinds of measures have been taken from Chittagong Bar to free the courts. Besides, taking necessary measures from the court, it will be possible to free 100% of the money.


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