White carp


Munirul islam pervez/chittagong bureau:
Bhadra’s sky is covered with black cloud of rainy season. Ever continuous rain, sometimes stagnant or stopping, rain or even raining of rain. By the beginning of the month of Bhadra, on the arrival of autumn, by passing the rainy season, the nature has passed the autumnal period. But the ultimate nature of autumn disappeared a lot today. There is no sunlight in the sky today. There is no sunshine sunshine in the rice fields,

There is no flicker on the leaves of the tree. The rainy season has come in the clouds of rainy season.
Bhadra and Ashwin are two months of autumn cycles of autumn. Autumn-Shravan Two month-long rainy seasoning ballad playing in the autumn came to nature. Once the rain and rain in the rainy season, when people and nature become green and alive, the green light of the gorgeous Ganga Gourge of Barisanot, once a blue cloud, floating in the sky, the autumn comes floating. The rainy season is different in nature. Starts sun and sunshine game in nature. Sunny Rosela from the sky shocked by the sudden rain But the rainy season is not long lasting. Where the clouds rain there, it is for a short time. As a result, a little later the sky becomes clear. In the sunny sky, the clouds roam the rooftop of the fly, like the cotton stalk, from this end to the other end. Golden rhythm by flushing the green leaves of the tree. The main link in the forest of the forest is Kashful Sharat’s main linkage. There is no way to taste natural beauty in the city. So, for the sake of enjoying this beauty, the shade is beautiful, in small villages of peace. In front of the Roads and Highways Department in Chandpur, Bagerhat Government College in Chandanish, in front of the Roads and Highways Department in Dohazari Dewanhat, in the interior center of the Dewanhat, both the banks of the river Shankha, on the banks of the river Shankha, white kashupul is seen on the banks of the canal adjacent to the Dighi of Patia. Take a look at this scene. There will be dew-soaked grass in the grass, Lajjati’s mythological parrot straps. During this time fishing festival begins in Jhelbile. Again, teenagers and youth teams roam the bill in search of Shapla and Shaluk. Baley, Chyuli, Hasnahena, Kamini, Gandharaj, on the tree in the tree. Honey, grasshoppers, butterflies, and other types of birds and birds of Pankhali, Kalkakalite Nature gives another kind of life. At home, the housewife became busy at home. Pithapuri festival A lot of water comes in the mouth of the palm of the palm of the palm of the mouth and smells.
Seeing the beauty of the white clouds and the beauty of the kashaflu in the sky, it is understood that there is a celebration of the festivals. Kashful, the biggest follower of the season’s queen Sharat The responsibility of finding people who do not delight in this amazing beauty of Kasful. The clouds of blue clouds of autumn took away the white clouds of the fair. The white cloud in the sky and the dance floor of the khasaful unknowingly unknowingly spread the joy of the people. It is only the charm of white clouds in the sky and the beauty of the khasaful that swirls in the gentle wind on the ground spreads the beauty of the ardent beauty.


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