The Prime Minister at the crowded press conference There will be elections, no one has the power to stop


Dhaka correspondent reports:

The Prime Minister and Awami League President Sheikh Hasina have completely rejected the demands of BNP leaders for the upcoming parliamentary elections. No one will be able to prevent the elections, he said. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has urged the President to apologize to BNP Chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia for immediate release. Said, otherwise the court will be free. In response to a question about journalists at a press conference organized by her government house ‘Ganobhaban’ in the BIMSTEC conference in Nepal, the Prime Minister said this. Asked about the reaction of the BNP leaders to the Prime Minister that she would not go to the polls without Khaleda Zia and will not be held without BNP, Sheikh Hasina said, “The way they are going, the release of Khaleda Zia, they have to come through the court. The President must apologize to the President quickly. That is the provision of the constitution. Whether the BNP will come in the election or not, it is their case. This is their party decision. We do not want to force anyone into the election. He said, the question of discussion with the BNP does not come up. After the death of Begum Khaleda Zia’s son Arafat Rahman Coco, I went to his house. The doors were closed on my face. Since that day, I have no other discussion with them (BNP).
In response to another question, the Prime Minister said that the election will be held with the people of the country. Nobody has any power to stop the election. The Prime Minister said if people of the country want development of this country then the boat will vote in the market. If we can go to power again, we will continue to develop this country and ensure food security in 2021. People of the country will get better life. And if we can not come to power, those who have killed orphaned people will come to power again. It seems that they will loot the country’s wealth again. Regarding the election-time government, she said that the provisions in the constitution have been preserved for the elections. We’ve had many experiences. Marshall Law ‘I saw. I saw the caretaker government. Who will sit, no one can leave the chair if sitting. We do not want to see the untimely government intervention. Sheikh Hasina said Khaleda Zia gave about a dozen cases against us. I have not even filed a case. I said that all the investigation should be done by the investigation. They could not prove them.
Part of EVM Digital Bangladesh:
The Prime Minister said, EVM is a part of digital Bangladesh. We are sending money online, buying cars online, buying vegetables is online. That’s right, technology does not always help us. He said, BNP is the most vocal against EVM today. Ziaur Rahman came to Bangladesh after independence. When the BNP talks about the rigging of the votes today, they need to see the birthplace. By which birth did they come? Complaining that BNP founder Ziaur Rahman came to power in the politics of independent Bangladesh, the Prime Minister said, they are objecting that if the EVM is introduced, BNP will not be able to rig the vote. He said, everyone has the hope of holding elections on 15 February. Those who are born with a rift, they talk about rigging again. He further said, they will complain about EVMs, because they have a technique of rigging. Many techniques they know about Election Crop. When EVM is introduced, the ballot paper will not be able to take two instead of one. That’s why they object.
A class is waiting for something unchecked:
Former President Professor Dr. AQM Badruddoza Chowdhury and Gana Forum President. Asked whether he would like Kamal Hossain election, Sheikh Hasina said, “Dr. Kamal Gong, who are together, whether they want to choose at all? Because there is a class sitting in Bangladesh waiting for some unexpected arrival, they get a flag. Dr. Kamal Hossain also came to win the non-contests. Father of the nation gave up a seat, no one contested in that seat. He (Dr. Kamal Hossain) came to the MP. The unconstitutional MP, he does not want to accept the unconstitutional. The Constitutional Magistrate himself claimed that he does not want to accept the Constitution again. “The Prime Minister said,” They all have a coalition, it is good. In Bangladesh, two groups of parties – one Awami League, another anti-Awami League Awami League opponents need to have a place. Dr. Kamal Hossain Sahib always has a ticket in his pocket, when he makes a hot speech, his plan is ready. “He said, at least a good coalition, we contest the election. There should be an alternative. Badruddoza Chowdhury said, it has become a conspiracy. If we have anything, we all look at the northpara. I’m always in the face of death, always. Everybody wants to sit on the neck and watch the movement. When I was in the movement I saw. Then if someone rides on the neck of that movement, then remove him. They also fall Sheikh Hasina said that if anyone succeeds in the movement and if someone comes from Uttarpara – that is what they want. They do not want democracy rightly.
Myanmar ready to take 3,000 people as per list:
Regarding the recent campaign of the Liberation War, the Prime Minister said about the anti-Rohingya campaign of the Myanmar army – I want to say that, in our country, there has been a lot of things with such pictures. In many ways Jamaat and BNP also campaigned like this


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