Getman Station Master’s absence, 15 injured Two people killed in Mirsaraiya train-bus collision




Chittagong bureau:

In the Baraihat rail-crossing area of ​​Mirsarai, the gateman and the station master misbehaved before the light of morning light fell two lives. 15 people were injured in the fight with the death of the hospital bed. Five passengers returning home after the initial medical checkup. The accident occurred at around 4:00 am Sunday morning. After the incident, gateman Mohammad Arif, who was arrested, The passengers killed in the bus-train collision are Sunimal Chakma (55) and Dr. Karna Bikash Chakma (60) The deceased Sunimal Chakma was working as the office assistant of the Khagrachari district commissioner’s office. Dr. Karna Bikash Chakma Sub Assistant Medical Officer recently retired after being in the health department. Sluice Gate area of ​​Khagrachari Pankhya Para in his house.
The injured were identified as Mangshi Pru Marma (47), Abdul Karim (17), Newton Chakma (28), Kamtust Tripura (19), Dipti Chakma (56), Burma Bila Chakma (60), Dos Tripura (28) Kaju Tripura (23), Nireesh Chakma (29), Sujon Tripura (28), Prami Tripura (28), Lolan Diwan (23), Ju Chakma (60), Mina Chakma (35), Dusum Bithi (60), Sunimal Chakma (56), unidentified (35), BGB member Maruf Hossain (25), unknown (30), Gita Das (28). Two of the injured were in critical condition.
Mirsharai Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer Syed Nurul Abacher said, 21 people were brought to the health complex on the morning of the accident. One of them died in the name of Sunimal Chakma. Severely 15 people were shifted to Chittagong Medical College (Chemek) Hospital. The remaining 5 were released in the initial stages.
Bijoy Express train derailed from Mymensingh crossing the rail crossing of Baraiahat Paura Bazar area around 4:30 am yesterday morning. During the crossing area crossing the crossroads, the clash erupted when a passenger car crossing the railway line of Khagrachurukhi S Alam bus service, leaving Kamalapur in Dhaka without the gate. The incident occurred in the incident. People rushed to the rescue and raided the rescue operation. The injured were sent to different hospitals.
Locals Mosharraf Hossain said that at around four o’clock in the morning, when the sound of a loud noise broke and I saw the bus of S Alam service was stuck around hundreds of yards away. When the passengers cried out to Ahaziah, they tried to rescue themselves. Later, police and fire service personnel came and rescued all. One died on the spot.
Senior officer of the Mirsarai Fire Service and Civil Defense Station Rabiul Azam said that the gate was not stopped due to lack of gateman in the railway crossing area. Because of this, the bus tried to reach the railway speed and tried to cross the railway speed.
After the incident, rescue staff of Mirsharai Fire Station recovered around two and a half hours to rescue the injured and sent them to the hospital. During this time the bus was also recovered.
Moinul Huda Majumdar, chief station officer at Mirpur’s Chinchari Astana Railway Station, said that the train of Bijoy Express left from Mymensingh on Sunday morning shocked the S-Alam service bus after crossing Baraihhat Rail Crossing. Nobody knows what happened before and after it.
He also said that after the accident, the gateman Mohammad Arif is in the custody. The crossing distance from the station is not so much. Wahidul Alam was then in charge of the station master. We do not even know whether he informed the gateman to come to the train.
Chittagong Railway Police Station OC Mostafizur Rahman said that the deceased Sunimal Chakma was working as the office assistant of Khagrachari district commissioner’s office. After the accident, the train movement was stopped for two and a half hours. Train movement is normal from 7am.
Meanwhile, senior officials of the Railways including the Divisional Transport Officer of Firoz Iftekhar, Eastern Region Railway visited the spot after the accident. They formed a four-member inquiry committee headed by Chittagong Divisional Manager Jahangir Hossain to investigate the cause of the incident.


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