EVM use to depend on stakeholders’ acceptance: CEC


The use of the electronic voting machine (EVM) in the upcoming national election will depend on enactment of law, stakeholders’ acceptance, attaining of capability and overall environment.
Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) KM Nurul Huda said this on Monday while speaking at a workshop at Electoral Training Institute in the city’s Agargaon area.
Besides, he said, “EVM will be used on a random basis. If we use EVM in 25 seats then we’ll not fix it up in advance, we will decide it randomly. The EVM will be used in the national election provided the environment remains favorable.” 
On the question of EVM purchase, the CEC said “The government and Finance Ministry will look into the matter as we do not have any fund for purchasing EVM.”
Talking about voters’ and political parties’ concern over EVM use, Nurul Huda said “It is natural to be concerned about EVM use among different political parties as we did not inform them yet about its usage and advantages and we take it in a positive way. They will come to know in phases.”
Mentioning about the existing voting system, the CEC said “In manual system there is a need of many documents and tools and we have to remain worried about ballot papers. Besides, 70 percent of the total cost is spent for the law enforcing agencies for security concern. In EVM system, the expenditure will be reduced.”


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