Police could not arrest the killers, murderers and assistants from the bus



Chittagong bureau:
The bus driver and assistant police arrested the youth Ashrafuzzaman Rony killer by throwing him from the bus at Kalirhat area of ​​Chittagong City’s City Gate. Detective Branch of Detective Police identified the addresses of the owner and the killers, and the Chattmetro J-11-1803 number has been seized.
Meanwhile, the young man killed Ashrafuzzaman Ranly Janazah today was held in the presence of thousands of people on Tuesday afternoon.
Akhbarshah Police Station Officer-in-Charge Jashim Uddin said. He said no relatives filed the deaths till the report was written in connection with the death of the bus. However, the accused have verbally complained. The OC has been trying hard to arrest the absconding helper and driver on verbal complaints. Meanwhile, owner of the bus of 4-car Shahab Uddin confirmed that the OC. Apart from this, the name of the deceased driver Didarul Alam (32) and Helper Manik Uddin (30) has already been collected, said OC.
.Rani’s relatives said that on Tuesday morning, the body of Rani was taken to the Kalirhat home city of Chittagong city on Tuesday noon. As soon as the body reaches the house, the crying roll covers the whole area.
In the last year of one and a half year, only one child, Kanah Saba, is looking for Islam, her lover’s father’s face. Parents are calling to sit in the lap. Shanta Islam, wife of Rani’s dead body, is going to be repeatedly muffled to remind her husband. The tragic death of Rony is going on in the whole family. It’s a picture of Roni’s house killed in the afternoon. Their relatives have also lost their language of consolation. Meanwhile, in the tears of the tears, the language of extreme hatred towards the murderers of the father is rising in the eyes of the father. Ashrafuzzaman Rani, father of America’s expatriate Oli Ullah, told the court that a murder case will be filed against the murderous bus driver and helper for killing the boy after completing his father’s post after 5pm. He said those who killed my son were murderers. I do not apologize, I will file a lawsuit against them. Oli Ullah, demanding the government’s strict punishment for the killers, said, “I do not want to have any mother’s lap like my son, should not be in the lap of the father. Witnesses said that the bus driver and helper, with the help of a quarrel, stabbed the rony from the bus and continued on the bus. Roni died on the spot.


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