Meeting on the anniversary of the establishment of the Hooliganism in the name of democracy in the country- city BNP-BAKKAR


Chittagong bureau:
Chittagong Metropolitan BNP General Secretary Abul Hashem Bakkar said that there is no democracy in the country, the hooliganism is going on, the sick governance system is running. The government has chosen the path of desperation in fear of losing power. Each of their actions is being unfair instead of justice. This government has been recognized internationally as an autocrat. They have destroyed the main pillars of the state. There is no accountability for them.
He said this at a preparatory meeting of the Chittagong Metropolitan BNP on Wednesday, 29 August, on the occasion of celebrating 40th anniversary of the BNP’s party’s Kaziir Deori Nasiman Bhabha Party office.
Bakkar said the administration has been fully deployed. There is no freedom of expression. There is no right to protest. When the law becomes legal, it becomes a duty to stand up against the injustice.
He also said that Awami League considers multi-party democracy and fair election as a danger. Using their submissive Election Commission, they are trying to unilaterify another unilateral. In the dialogue of the political parties with the Election Commission almost all the leaders opposed the EVM system in the election. At that time, the Chief Election Commissioner also assured that if the political parties do not want EVM system will not be imposed. The Election Commission is plotting to impose EVMs in the eleventh parliamentary elections. The people of this plot will fight.
He said that on the occasion of the anniversary of establishment of the BNP, we have decided to rally and rally on September 1 at Laldighi ground in Chittagong. We hope the administration will do all-round collaboration to make our program successful. He urged the leaders of Chittagong’s all-rounder to take all preparations to make successful preparations for the rally organized on September 1.
He is not allowed to treat him. He is being persecuted in the prison to upset him. The government is doing cruel and inhuman treatment by the authorities to make him endangered and fined.
Abu Sufian said that the release of Begum Khaleda Zia and the release of the next election is the same thread. Immediately Begum Zia has been imprisoned. The High Court has granted bail but still bail is not granted. The latest sanctuary of the people to get justice is the highest court and people’s rights to bail.
Preparing for the meeting, among others, were present at the Chittagong city BNP president Mr. MA Aziz, Mohammad Mian Bhola, Haji Mohammad Ali, sabuktagina Siddiqui makki, Haroon Zaman, Syed Ahmed, a former commissioner Mahbubul Alam, Prof Nurul Alam Raju, Iqbal Chowdhury, SM Abul Foyez, Senior Joint Secretary SM Saiful Alam, Joint Secretary Kazi Belal Uddin, Md. Shah Alam, Iskandar Mirza, RU Chowdhury Shaw Impaired
City BNP joint secretary Yasin Chowdhury Liton’s operations were present at the joint secretary Abdul Mannan, Jahangir Alam Dulal, Manzur Alam Manju, Anwar Hossain Lipu, organizing secretary Manzur Alam Manju, Kamrul Islam, Haji Mohammad Tayyab, publicity secretary Shihab Ahmed Mobin, urban women Party President Monowara Begum Mani, Sheikh Nurulah Bahar, Sham. Jamal, including the general secretary samasula Alam (Doc), Haji Mohammad Salahuddin, Isaac Alim Chowdhury, Zahir Ahmed, Jahangir Alam, Ibrahim Chowdhury.


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