Chittagong University (CU) detained Maya deer rescued


CU Corespondent:

A Maya deer was recovered from Chittagong University (CU) in a critical condition. Later, the deer was sent to Chittagong Vetneri University by ambulance for treatment. After the treatment, the deer has been taken at the Chittagong Zoo.
On Thursday, Chemistry Department official Sumon Chowdhury Saleh Ahmed recovered the deer from the science faculty.
He said the deer was trapped in the room of the 108 room. We got leaning in the window at around 9:30 in the morning. Immediately inform the Chairman Sir. Later, he was rescued with the help of Proctorial Body.
Professor of chemistry department. Monir Uddin said earlier, the deer was found from the hills behind the science faculty. Later we rescued with the help of zodiac department. However, I found myself afraid of seeing this deer in a dangerous situation. It is believed that while fighting between two deer it was trapped and injured.
University Proctor Ali Azgar Chowdhury said, we received the news of a deer stuck in the chemistry department and we rescued him. The deer has been sent for better treatment due to more injury.
Assistant professor of zoology department Aftab Hossain told that the deer was a wound during rescue. It has been sent to Chittagong for treatment, where treatment is being given.
He said, this is the Maya deer. The deer of this species is a major infectious animal in Bangladesh. So it is very important that the animal can be healed and sent to the forest. Can not move because of the deer’s back and back legs. There are signs of bleeding in different parts of the body


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